Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: I wouldn’t refuse to bungee jump

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Translation of interview with Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. Interview isn’t serious, mostly about her personal life)

At Lombardia Trophy in Italy you took only the sixth place …

– I made two mistakes in the short program. Skated the free program not very good. I did much better at the test skates in Sochi.

Why did you stop jumping triple Axel? It was your thing in 2015, when you became European and World champion.

– Then everything seemed easier. I succeeded. Now I’m happy when I do not fall at trainings. When I will consistently jump triple axel, then it can ve shown at competitions.


Famous Italian skater Carolina Kostner has been training in your group already for a whole year. Didn’t you want to ask Mishin: why do you need Costner, when you have me?

– Alexei Nikolaevich is a wise man. He knew the situation in the group, and if he took this decision, then it was necessary. I am pleased that such an amazing figure skater trains next to me. It motivates.

In your childhood, did you have any idols? Adelina Sotnikova admitted that when she was a little girl, she wanted to skate, like Yuna Kim. And also wanted to be like Kostner.

– I did not have idols. Neither among the artists, nor among the athletes. There are no ideal people, I know this for sure.

Is Mishin a strict coach?

– He almost never raises his voice. Even when he’s dissatisfied.

And you, when you’re on the verge, can you do something outrageous stamp your feet and leave from training?

-No, no, to leave the training it’s impossible! When some “freak outs” begin, Alexei Nikolaevich “extinguishes the fire” immediately.


And how does your coach treat the figure skater Andrei Lazukin?

– Why do you ask?

According to my information, he’s your boyfriend.

–  Well, yes, that’s right. Andrei skates in our group.

Your relationship with Lazukin does not interfere with the working process?

– Andrei and I have been known each other for a long time, we are both professional athletes. We know that in sport we need discipline. Alexei Nikolaevich has nothing against our relationship. He often jokes about this. But his jokes are kind.

How did this guy attract you ? Maybe he did something incredible?

– I don’t need show-offs. In my opinion, you love not because of some deeds. We’re just happy together.

Hasn’t he gave you some chic bouquets yet, for example from a hundred roses?

–  No. If he gives such a bouquet, I, of course, will be glad. But the amount of flowers is not the main thing.


The season has already begun, but at the end of spring you had a vacation. Where did you spend it?

–  In Thailand, on the island of Phuket. Enjoyed the sea air and beautiful beaches. We went to the show of crocodiles. It’s unbelievable! I even wanted to get closer to these predators, but I was not allowed to. Honestly, we would gladly stayed in Thailand for a bit long.

Apparently, you are a brave girl.

– I probably will not go to the mouth of the tiger, but I would not refuse to bungee jump. About five years ago I was in Canada, I walked in the park and saw a scary attraction there. People jumped from the height of a 12-story building and landed on a tight net like a trampoline. I jumped too.

And how was it?

– Super!

You went to Phuket together with Andrei?

–  There was also our friend – figure skater Murad Kurbanov. Andrei and I live in Petersburg, and Murad lives in Moscow.

Forgive me, but why a couple in love needs a third wheel?

– He’s not a third wheel. He’s funny and cool.


You’re from Udmurtia. Do you keep in touch with your former classmates?

– Yes, with someone we’re calling up. My best friend from school also moved to Petersburg. And my former coach Svetlana Veretennikova, with whom I trained in Glazov, now works in Italy. Unfortunately, contacts with her are lost…You know, in Glazov, the conditions for training were poor. One skating rink for everyone – hockey players, figure skaters, amateurs. I came at seven in the morning to skate a little longer while others are sleeping. When in 2011 I moved to St. Petersburg, to Alexei Nikolaevich, I lived in a sports boarding school. I had a room without a toilet and without a shower.

And now?

– I have an apartment in St. Petersburg. Again, thanks to the coach. I live there with my mother and my sister Zhenya. Mom teaches algebra and geometry at school. By the way, she was my class teacher.

Did you use that?

– Well … I missed classes because of the competitions and training camps. And then passed all exams external.

Did she bring you to figure skating?

–  No. My dad worked in a sports camp, one day he took me with him and there I met girls from figure skating. I went to the rink with them. I was the smallest, didn’t know how  do anything.

You lost your father early. What happened to him?

– He died of cancer six years ago. The doctors diagnosed it too late.


Julia Lipnitskaya announced the end of her sports career. Did it surprise you?

– This news and the story of her illness shocked me. At competitions we communicated well. Julia has never tried to make people like her, she remained herself …

… and for some reason avoided journalists.

– Well, not everyone can tell unfamiliar people about themselves. After the Olympics in Sochi, fame literally fell on her. And Julia was not ready for this.

Do you believe that Adelina Sotnikova will return to the big sport?

– I’d like not to answer this question.

And you for how long are you going to please us with your skating?

–  My main goal now is the Olympics in Pyeongchang. There are no guarantees that I will go there, to get into the Russian team is not easier now than to win European Championships. But I will try. After all, I already missed the Olympics in Sochi.

by Sergei Dadygin for eg.ru


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