“Alexei Mishin said that there would be no such complex elements in his lifetime, and I’m glad that this is not so.” Alexei Yagudin on Ilia Malinin’s quad axel

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Alexei Yagudin on Ilia Malinin performing a clean quad axel at training.

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source: matchtv.ru

Alexei Yagudin: I got to know this boy through social networks and broadcasts of competitions about a year ago, so of course I am aware that such athlete exists. He is very gifted, incredibly talented.

In my understanding, vision of the situation, this is the first cleanly landed, absolutely fully rotated quadruple axel in figure skating. Not just an attempt to show not prepared element at the Olympics, which was not even close in training, as Yuzuru Hanyu had, but a fully executed jump.

Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin said that there would be no such complex elements in his lifetime, and I am glad that this is not so. And I want to congratulate Ilia as the first in the world who did a clean quadruple axel, even though it was in training. As for his prospects, I would like him to add success in competitions to the title of king of training. He has everything for this.

Is it a pity that Malinin does not skate for Russia? Well, he still has Russian roots, and the Russian nation is extremely gifted. Therefore, it does not mattern whom he represents. The main thing is that a particle of Russian roots, among other things, helped him become the first to do a quadruple axel.

Of course, a lot depends on work, on conditions for training, but what you’re given from birth also plays a role. And it’s much more valuable.


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