Alexandra Trusova: Before the Olympics, for sure I would have said that you need to forget about your personal life. But now I think it’s possible to combine and perform well.”

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Alexandra Trusova about quintuple jump, personal life and career, pair skating and favorite program.

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source: youtube channel “Mohovaya, 9”

About quintuple jumps

Recently, in an interview, you have said that you want to be the first to jump the quintuplets, not only among women, but also among men. Pretty strong statement. Tell me, have you already started working on this somehow or is it just plans?

Alexandra Trusova: I know that everyone is discussing this now, but I said it wrong. I said in general, that I would like to try it, and if I work on it, then, of course, I would like to do it before everyone else.

This requires a very good shape, very good preparation. I have to fully train, not be distracted by anything and work on this jump, because it is really traumatic, and there are nuances that I have to prepare.

I tried to jump it both last year and this year. Of course, so far these are only attempts, I do not train it.

There are days when I feel good, everything works out well, then maybe I try something new. And so, of course, I like to set new goals and achieve them.

The skater also said that she was not going to try quadruple axel.

Alexandra Trusova: Unfortunately, I think I will not jump the quadruple axel. I can’t even do a triple at competitions yet. For me it’s a difficult jump.

About combining professional sports career and personal life

Do you think that while playing professional sports, you should forget about your personal life, or is it possible to combine it?

Alexandra Trusova: Before the Olympics, I would have said for sure that it shouldn’t be combined. You need to forget about your personal life and perform.

But after – it seems to me that it is possible to have a personal life and perform well. The most important thing is to distinguish berween them.

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About Ice Age TV project (where professional skaters skate in pairs with stars)

You said that you would not want to skate in pairs after the end of your career in single skating. Would it be interesting for you to participate in such a show as “Ice Age”? Zhenya Medvedeva participated in the last season – did you follow?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes, I watched their numbers. It was interesting because she is a single skater and how she would skate in pair. I don’t know. Because I saw how he (Danya Milokhin – Zhenya’s partner in Ice Age) dropped her. I don’t completely trust even well-skating athletes to start lifting me.

I’ll check ten times to see if he’s all right, and only then, perhaps, I allow to lift me, and still I say all the time that I’m very scared.

And a person who does not know how to skate – first you need to learn how to skate, then how to lift correctly … I don’t know. I think it is difficult.

It is more difficult for women in such ice shows, because they have an inexperienced partner, and they are constantly in an insecure position. And hypothetically, which star partner would you like to skate with?

Alexandra Trusova: It seems to me that it will be difficult with any person who is not connected with figure skating. So far I can’t imagine.

It depends not only on the strength of a person, more on the ability to skate. Even if he lifts me well on the floor, this does not mean that the same will work out on the ice. On the ice, things are a little different.

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About popularity

Do you remember the moment you realized you are popular?

Alexandra Trusova: Probably, when they began to recognize me in ordinary life. Not only at competitions or shows, on the ice, but when I just walk around and they recognize me. It probably happened in 2018, when I was the first to jump two quads at the Junior World Championships. And after that moment, they began to recognize me. But now, after the Olympics, it’s just something incredible. Because wherever I go, in absolutely any store, shopping center, just on the street, I walk – they come up: “Can I take a picture?” It’s nice.

In general, I consider my hair to be a distinguishing feature, because if I walk, I walk with a flowing hair and, of course, it attracts attention. But once they recognized me at the street when I was wearing a hat, a hood, a mask and a jacket. Fully dressed, only eyes, and they recognized me even that way. There are moments when, I think, this is too much on the part of people, but still I can understand them.

Blitz interview

Favorite element in figure skating?

Alexandra Trusova: Quadruple lutz. Any lutz.

Short or free program?

Alexandra Trusova: Difficult question. Short, because it is short, free, because you can do a lot there.

The most important medal for you?

Alexandra Trusova: Still, the first Junior World Championships. I did not know how the season would go, what would happen, it was my first junior international season. And, of course, I was very surprised that I won all international competitions. I have been delighted with this season.

Favorite program?

Alexandra Trusova: “Frida”, I really like to skate it.

City of your dreams?

Alexandra Trusova: Probably Tokyo. I really like Japan.

Who is your main mentor in life?

Alexandra Trusova: Mum.

Show or competition?

Alexandra Trusova: It’s more difficult for me to compete, so if we talk about where it’s more comfortable, then show. But they do not give a result, at the show you perform for yourself, for the audience, you give positive emotions to everyone. And competitions are for the result


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