Natalia Zabijako: Nina Mozer definitely won leave us. She will think of something.

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Short interview with Natalia Zabijako.

– The season was successful. Alexander Enbert and I debuted at the Olympic Games and won silver medals in the team event. In addition, at the European Championships we won bronze, and at the World Championships took the 4th place after last year’s 12th. I’m pleased. It was a long way, which started at the rink in childhood. I had to go through injuries and other obstacles.

Is it pity that you didn’t manage to get into the top three at the World Championships?

– So, there will be a motivation to work further and to aim for medals. Because you always want to to achieve the best results.

How did they perceive your results in Estonia?

– Pretty good, as it seems to me. Many people sent congratulations.

But because of the Estonian Figure Skating Federation you couldn’t perform at the international level for almost a year and a half after the change of citizenship.

– In reality, it lasted about a year.

Your former coach Anna Levandi in an interview with the Estonian newspaper Postimees said that for the sake of sports progress she supported your move to Russia long before the Olympic Games in Sochi.

– I wasn’t offered anything personally. After the Games, at the World Championships in Saitama Nina Mikhailovna Moser came up to me, said that she wants to see me in her group. I thought and agreed.

Recently Moser has announced that she wants to go on a long-term vacation. Will something change in your preparation now?

– We haven’t talked with Mozer yet after that. We’ll meet and discuss everything. Nina Mikhailovna definitely will not leave us. She will think of something.

Do you continue to work with Vladislav Zhovnirsky and Robin Szolkowy?

– Robin Szolkowy worked more with Zhenya Tarasova and Vova Morozov. Vladislav was constantly with us, and we are going to continue our cooperation.

How do you feel about the possible changes in the rules?

– Absolutely calmly. The rules change every four years, after the Olympic Games. Moreover, every year they make some adjustments.

It turns out that coaches and different experts are more nervous about this then athletes.

– It’s a usual thing. They really take changes to heart.

One of the innovations is the shorten of the free program. Isn’t your pair with a lyric style not worried about the possible decrease in the role of choreography?

– We will try to combine choreography and technique, to seek for a balance, as we have always done. If they shorten the program time, they will remove one element. Most likely, the spin, which takes more than 30 seconds. Therefore, I do not think that the changes will be very significant.

So what for are this changes?To shorten the time of television broadcasts, to make them a bit more dynamic?

– Probably. And in general, I think, they are looking for the ways to make the competition more compact, since the number of participants increases.

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