Instagram review: best photos of the week [17.07-24.07]

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Lot’s of great photos appeared in skaters’ Instagram accounts this week. But I’ll start with those, who actually remember that they’re figure skaters and posted some photos from ice and trainings))

Evgenia Medvedeva and her new sweatshirt for trainings. So, Sailor Janny it’s her official nickname now? We can use it on forums instead of writing “Evgenia Medvedeva”?

Evgenia Medvedeva

Elena Ilinykh, Ruslan Zhiganshin and Rohene Ward. Working on program for exhibitions?

Elena Ilinykh, Ruslan Zhiganshin

Jason Brown “I wasn’t born flexible…but that didn’t stop me from stretching!”

Jason Brown

Adelina Sotnikova performing at Amazing on ice in China

Adelina Sotnikova

Jason Brown and Zijun Li are working hard in a gym

Jason Brown, Zijun Li

Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres are ready to rock next season!

Vanessa James, Morgan Cipres

Adam Rippon and Ashley Wagner – “Death by workout”

Ashley Wagner, Adam Rippon

Tim Dolensky and young skaters)

Tim Dolensky

Happy Birthday to this girl

Maia Shibutani

She grew up into a beautiful lady!

Maia Shibutani

Alexander Zhulin also celebrates Birthday this week. With his team in work and happiness:

Ekaterina Borova Dmitri Soloviev, Alexander Zhulin

Ekaterina Bobrova, Alexander Zhulin

Can’t wait to see this two competing! I was jumping exactly like the same, when they announced their come back)

Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir

Adelina Sotnikova and Ekaterina Bobrova with their pets

Adelina Sotnikova

Ekaterina Sotnikova

Beautiful girls and the sun. Polina Edmunds on the sunset

Polina Edmunds

Elena Radionova on the beach in Los Angeles

Elena Radionova

Some more great photos from Ekaterina Bobrova and Andrei Deputat‘s wedding! Katya and her dad:

Ekaterina Bobrova

Happy figure skating couple:

Ekaterina Bobrova Andrei Deputat

Miki Ando getting flowers from her main fan

Miki Ando

This adorable girl wants to remind you – enjoy your summer and love figure skating)

Ashley Wagner


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  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    Too many cute pics! But both Radionova and Ilinykh look gorgeous. And Maia Shib is too cute!

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