Haein Lee: “I gained confidence at the Four Continents, and it allowed me to believe in myself.”

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Interview with Wolrd silver medalist Haein Lee.

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source: koreajoongangdaily.joins.com dd. 18th April 2023 by KIM HYO-KYUNG

Lee took silver medal and scored 220.94 points, winning Korea’s first medal at World Championships since figure skating legend Kim Yuna’s gold in 2013.

About World Championships

Haein Lee: I am no longer skeptical about myself. I don’t usually make mistakes, but I could not get a high score. I even thought ‘Will I ever get a score that high?’ But I gained confidence at the Four Continents, and it allowed me to believe in myself.

(At Worlds) I wanted to do the same as how I did at the Four Continents and my wish came true. I thought I could do well in the free skate since I had done the short program well and it allowed me to perform well and happily.

About hobbies

Haein Lee: I’ve enjoyed painting since I was young. I went to art academy for a year when I was a third grader. But after I changed the training rink, I didn’t have much spare time. I still paint on my own often when I can.

Those around me compliment my paintings, so I give them my paintings as gifts. I drew Cha Junhwan, You Young, Lee Sihyeong, Kyeong Jaeseok and foreign skaters like Mai Mihara, Audrey Shin and Ilia Malinin. They all liked the paintings.

I also take dance class. I dance when I don’t want to exercise during training to burn calories.

About monitoring her diet

Haein Lee: I like tteokbokki and fried chicken. I ate those after returning from the World Championships. I only ate a small portion, because I shouldn’t eat a lot, and offered my older sister the rest.

About triple axel and Olympics

Haein Lee: I succeeded two or three times out of five attempts (triple axel – ed.). I really want to show it next season. I will continue to improve and maintain good form in the 2026 Olympics in Milan.


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