Is Ice Dance all about acting? Reading Bobrova and Soloviev interview

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Russian ice-dancers Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev gave an interview for Russian portal Soviet Sport. Some parts of it seem worthy to comment on.

They said that their FD to “Anna Karenina” was ready past season. They had to postpone it because of Dmitri’s injury. But the dance is still good and one person even cried while they were performing it in the training camp.

Oh…. Honestly, I’m a bit worried. I’m afraid that it can be another Russian overacting. And I don’t want another repeating of infamous “Birds program”. Please, let it be just a dance. Without huge libretto, theatrical tricks and “train in the end of the program”.

One more thing that makes me worry about the concept of the program:

“We just get the feel of character in the same way as in theater or in the movies. Actors can play such kind of love that will make the audience cry. But in reality, these actors hate each other! It is all about acting …” – Ekaterina Bobrova said

No, no, no please no! It’s neither theater, nor movie. It’s sport! You don’t need all that drama, especially on your faces. Drama should be in moves, but not too much of it. And first of all you need a consistent solid dance with almost all elements performed on 4th level.

Dmitri also said that before training camp, the knee was hurting, and now it hurts too, but not that much.

This is also not a good sign. They need to be healthy to fight for the place in Russian dance-team. And the competition will be severe. I am afraid that the Federation would rather bet on young and healthy team. To make it to the team, Bobrova and Soloviev have to be notably better than others. I am sure the Federation doesn’t want another “Shabalin situation”.

I do hope that this pair will show us that they are ready to fight. I wish them a lot of luck, but now they are in a difficult situation. Can they return their №1 position in Russian ice-dancing team? We will see soon.

Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte won gold medals at Worlds 2014, but finished on 4th place in 2015. But they are not going to give up. How do you think about chances for them to win again? Recently they announced their music for new season →


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