Sinitsina and Katsalapov will train with Zhulin

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Now it’s almost official Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov are going to train with Zhulin. Russian skating federation hasn’t gave its approval yet, but confirmed the intentions of both sides.

The federation hasn’t received an official application yet, but athletes and Zhulin informed the federation of their intention to work together. – said the president of Russian figure skating federation Alexander Gorshkov.

Zhulin was brief:

Sinitsina and Katsalapov will work with me. – Zhulin said over the phone.

And of course, what we would do without the expert opinion of Ilia Averbukh:

This is the best solution that the guys could take. This is a good moment for sparring in Zhulin’s group. It will be very useful for Bobrova / Soloviev, they will see a strong pair skating next to them. It is very good that these two pairs will be in the same group. In any strong group, athletes must push each other.

Alexander Zhulin is a top-level specialist, he knows all the right trends. He’s be able to give a lot to the pair of Sinitsina / Katsalapov. The guys are potentially very strong, but they can not get into the same rhythm with the coach yet.

Katsalapov already worked with Zhulin. This coach was the first who brought pair Ilinykh / Katsalapov to a high level. Now Nikita returns to Zhulin, they already know how to work with each other. I see only positive moments in this transition. – Averbukh said.


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  1. OlgaLV says:

    Who will be after Zhulin? :)) I think it will not help Nikita to overcome his way of making mistakes…

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