Nina Mozer: They can accuse Stolbova only by slandering her

Posted on 2018-02-03 • 3 comments


Ksenia Stolbova didn’t do anything wrong, she’s clean, she did not violate the anti-doping rules, said her coach Nina Mozer:

We all know that Ksenia has a good name and she a clean sportsman. I am sure IOC knows it too, otherwise they would have already informed us of their motives not to invite the Olympic champion of Sochi to the Olympics in Pyeongchang. But Ksenia still hasn’t been accused of anything, because they can do this only by slandering her. There have never been any complaints about here compliance with anti-doping rules.

We could also write another letter to the IOC, but I’m a person who thinks practically, I do not like to blow off hot air with my emotions and I think that such issues should be solved in the field of law. But the status of the “Olympic athlete from Russia” does not allow to defend Ksenia legally, because the Russian athlete without a flag and a hymn, alas, is powerless before the International Olympic Committee.

Yesterday came the pleasant news from the CAS about the justification of our athletes, but we can not apply to the court in Lausanne, because Ksenia has not been suspended from any competitions. Therefore, she continues to prepare in Moscow for the World Championships, however according to the sporting principle, should have been at the pre-Olympic training camp in Japan together with her partner Fedor Klimov.


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3 Responses to “Nina Mozer: They can accuse Stolbova only by slandering her”

  1. Themainfan says:

    But why won’t ioc just release the info? If Stolbova is evil cheating doper criminal the whole world has right to know.

  2. Felicity says:

    But WHY would they choose to slander HER? No smoke without fire.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Because if they had enough proves they would have taken away her medals from Sochi and ban her from competitions as they did with some other atheletes. I think it’s not ok for the organization who fights for clean sport not to give any proves.

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