Julia Lipnitskaya finished her career

Posted on 2017-08-28 • 9 comments


More sad (but not unexpected) news came from team Russa. Julia Lipnitskaya finished her career.

Julia’s mother informed the media:

Julia told the the leadership of the skating federation about her plans to retire back in April, right after her return from Europe, where she had a three-month treatment for anorexia. We are grateful to the company “TeleSport” for helping Julia at this difficult moment. I note that now she has only Olympic scholarship. She does not receive a salary from the skating federation, although she is listed in the national team.



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9 Responses to “Julia Lipnitskaya finished her career”

  1. Bindy says:

    This is a terrible story, and I am sure she is not alone in her suffering. She will be legendary for that beautiful performance to Schindler’s List. No-one who loves skating will forget that. I am very sorry to hear about this weight/anorexia/training issue. I hope she can recover and that she leaves anyone who has abused her far behind, proudly taking her talent and commitments forward with her into a successful and independant adult life.

  2. Judith says:

    After reading that 2014 quote from Tutberidze, I dont want to see her return any more. That was an abusive regime. It must have caused enormous trust issues for Julia when the two most important adults in her life were starving her. Enough!! Time for her to do what SHE wants.

  3. Crabe93 says:

    Sad news :( She was my favorite skater. I had (desesperate) hope to see her at the Olympics when she did a so good short program in Rostelecom Cup last season… But when the season ended, a part of me knew that it was over. So I wish her all the best in her future life.

    Sad to hear about her anorexia. I hope the thin Russian girls that are succeding now don’t all have that much problems with weight…

  4. Mad for Skating says:

    I hate to say it but I think Eteri Tutberidze was a huge part of Julia’s anorexia. She kept Julia on such a strict diet that it was ridiculous! Julia was very underweight for most of her career; I can’t say this surprises me. But on a good note, I wish her all the best. Sad that we won’t see her again.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Well…..no matter what I think of Eteri, she is a coach who gives result. She’s a tough coach and everyone knows that. Unfortunately from the beginning Julia’s technique was based on small weight. So I really don’t understand how they hoped to keep the jumps….body changes were unavoidable and Julia never was a thin girl by nature. Here’s interview with Eteri from 2014 http://www.team-russia2014.ru/article/14516.html
      I will translate the part about weight:
      “It’s very hard for Julia now, she struggles with weight every day. In my work I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before – she can’t eat at all. I’m very sorry that she has to endure so much, but I can not help it. She’s a good girl, she copes with it. When she needs to lose weight, she eat only powder “Squeezy” – it’s fiber, which gives energy. It’s hard, and the weight goes down very slowly – 100 grams per day. But she copes, thank God. Last season, the weight was jumping, which caused injuries. Now Julia is holding weight, controlling herself, although it is very hard for her. Mother is very helpful in this matter.”

      So I have only one question, to only one person and that’s not Eteri. Where was her mother? Or the end justifies the means?

  5. Jimmbboe says:

    Such sad news but not at all unexpected. My favorite skater of all time! I wish her all the best for the future. :)

  6. Judith says:

    This is sad. Another young talent brought down by anorexia. I cant help hoping that she is young enough to recover and return. But I wish her everything good in the future. She was a gift of the skating gods.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Honestly, I don’t think she will return. It also seems that she doesn’t like shows( But the most important thing is to be healthy!

      • chels says:

        First of all this hits way too close to home as i donated this year towards ride dont hide on behalf of a “retired” local skater now that is training in speed skating where that coach helped her getting treatment. We cannot really judge whose fault it was, however i will say i am sure the pressure did not help and that comment i do have to reply to the part where she struggled with injuries, that is nature of the sport AND GROWING. Only way one can get help is if they see the issue and choose to themselves, even though comment looks a little suspicious (of being oblivious to the real problem) again we do not know the whole story but i do believe that comment also refers to the mom and coach both being there for her.

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