“It went well from the beginning. We will compete for Germany but I’ll keep our coach’s name a secret for now.” Nikita Volodin about teaming up with Minerva Fabien Hase.

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Nikita Volodin about teaming up with Minerva Fabien Hase.

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source: MatchTV

Former Russian figure skater Nikita Volodin revealed details about forming a partnership with German figure skater Minerva Fabien Hase.

In May, it was announced that the Figure Skating Federation of Russia (FFKKR) approved Volodin’s switch to represent Germany, allowing the pair to compete for Germany in international competitions.

Volodin is 23 years old and has previously skated with Victoria Vasilyeva, Taisia Sobinina, Amina Atakhonova, and Alina Ustimkina. Minerva Fabien Hase had been skating with Nolan Seegert for several years. They were bronze medalists at the 2019 Rostelecom Cup and winners and medalists in international challengers.

“In April 2022, I was informed that Minerva was looking for a new partner, and suggested giving it a try. In June of that year, I went to Berlin for a week, and we skated together at the Sportforum training base. It went well from the beginning because we both had significant experience in pair skating, especially when it came to elements, and at that moment, we had already made the decision.

After that, I worked for three months in Tatiana Navka’s show in Sochi, and in October, I came to Berlin, and Minerva and I started skating together. We will compete for Germany, as I received permission from the FFKKR. I’ll keep our coach’s name a secret for now, and you will see everything at our first official competitions,” Volodin told “Match TV.”


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