Evgenia Medvedeva: I played the rogue again

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Evgenia Medvedeva commented on her record performance at the European Championships.

video: sabinfire youtube channel

I really felt the support of the audience. Especially in the free program it was evident that they were fully into what’s happening on the ice arena. After each jump, I heard the reaction of the fans and I was very pleased when the audience stood up after my performance. Yes, we’re working for the sake of such moments, but when you stand on the podium and listen to the national anthem, it’s probably worth the hours that you spend on the ice at trainings.

We won’t make any changes. Till the World Championships I will continue to develop programs which I have now, just  improving them.

No, no one forbade me to jump three triple toe loops. Firstly, I haven’t agreed with the coaches, and secondly, I wanted to do, but there were no options. I did one extra combination at the end. I played the rogue again. Not so sufficiently as at the Russian Championships, but still … While a combination of four triples is my maximum, but why not to do five. I will try everything. – Medvedeva said.

by Elena Diyachkova rsport.ru and matchtv.ru

And a comment from Ilia Averbukh:

I as a choreographer I’m very pleased that for the second year in a row programs get such a recognition from judges. Many feared that for the second year we won’t hit the mark, but we managed to do it. It is important that Zhenya was improving the program from competition to competition. The jumping part she did brilliantly almost immediately, what concerns components: speed, footwork, in this respect she was improving from competition to competition. So there is nothing surprising in her “tens”.

I have already said that Medvedev is a trendsetter, at least in women’s figure skating. This is confirmed by the fact that other skaters started to add different acting things to their programs, girls began to put the meaning into their programs. Previously only few people was doing it, now everyone is trying to make the movements more meaningful.

by Anatoli Samokhvalov rsport.ru


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