Evgeni Plushenko debuted as a coach

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This week Evgeni Plushenko debuted as a coach. Two his students competed at local Moscow competitions.

Ksenia Pankova:

video: WwwTulupRu

Evgeni about his dream to open a figure skating school:

It was my dream – to open my own figure skating school. Now I truly believe that dreams come true. I cherish every minute of mine, I come here early, go home late. This is my second home now. A huge work is ahead and not just mine. With such conditions that I created here it’s possible to achieve good results very quickly. In my childhood, unfortunately, there were no such conditions ..

About unavoidable injuries:

There are children who skate six hours a day. They fall, get up, fall, get up. There are parents who are ready to raise a champion. Of course there will be injuries. Unfortunately they are exist in any sport, especially in professional one. There are not many athletes who have gone through many seasons without surgeries and performed at big competitions. We do 80 jumps per training session, sometimes 120 jumps. And every time land on one leg. Back, knees…..

But when you stand on the pedestal, hear the anthem of your country, get a gold medal, you immediately forget how painful, terrible, disgusting and hard it was. This is a minute of your glory and a minute of pride of your country! For this you work, not sparing yourself …


About his son Alexander:

I coach him, but he also has his own coach in the group. Sasha skates every day and has a choreography class. I’m a tough dad and a tough coach. But when everything works out, I give him a carrot  (stick and carrot). He’s confident enough on skates if he falls, he can get up himself. Of course, if it’s hard in life, dad will always come to rescue…

by Valeria Hvashevskaya ndn.info


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2 Responses to “Evgeni Plushenko debuted as a coach”

  1. Donna says:

    I can’t wait to start seeing his students at the Olympics. I hope he is teaching them in his own style, which is passionate, unique and the best in the world.

  2. lala says:

    Samoylov, Pankova, Egorova and Zotov competed in the competition.

    Samoylov won in junior men.

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