European Championships 2017 review: men

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The final part of my European Championships review is about men.

Czechs decided to finish competitions with men’s free program. Oh, probably they were hoping for something…..

I enjoyed watching Tomas Verner! Oh how many nerves died because of him! Now I had a chance to admire him without any damage to my mental health)

His student Jiri BELOHRADSKY made me nostalgic of the past times and to feel old) First, step sequence to Safri Duo (I couldn’t but thought of Joubert) and then free program to Maksim Mrvica. As in the good old days)

From the young generation I noted Estonian guy Daniel Albert NAURITS (Where did they get him? He suspiciously reminds me North American skaters), Englishman Graham NEWBERRY and Frenchman Kevin AYMOZ. I hope, Kevin will be more deverse in choreography than Chafik BESSEGHIER whose programs I stopped to differentiate long ago.

Any championships can’t pass without disappointment. In Ostrava my biggest pain were Daniel SAMOHIN and Michal BREZINA. Though for Daniel everything is still to come, but Michal…well it was quite heartbreaking. I hoped to the last that Rafael will be able to help him. Alas, either Rafael hadn’t much time for Michal, or Michal gave up on himself. In short, sadness. Remind me never ever again get fascinated by the Czech guys, no matter how good and promising they are( I don’t want to fall into the same trap for the third time.

Alexander MAJOROV goes from one extreme to another. First, that skeleton on his chest, now polka and puff sleeves) Alexander SAMARIN urgently needs to be taken to a ballet class, because when the jumps aren’t there the overall impression is sad)

I do not know whether it is a merit of Stephane, or the reason is that period of active growth has ended, but this season Deniss VASILJEVS is again that component boy I remembered him in juniors. Despite the error, both programs were so great! And a special pleasure to watch his coach. Oh, Stephan … you too are already behind the board  … .Another minute of nostalgia…..

Change of flag was totally for the best for Moris KVITELASHVILI. Seems that absence of inner competition added him confidence. Well, good for him.

Jorik! Jorik! I knew you’re going to do well! Not by chance I decided to join your fan club) Well, I want to say it loud to make sure that I’m not crazy, “Jorik HENDRICKX placed fourth at the European championships! Yuhu! I’m still shocked)

Misha, what was that?! You know, I’ve already have a favorite skater on whose triple axel my soul goes into my heels. Believe me, one is more than enough. So, please be a good boy and fix your axel. From the positive sides: even with mistakes in his programs judges give his good PCS. Oh, but I wish he had a better programs.

Finally! Whether the stars were in right places or the psychologist helped but Maxim coped with both programs and went on the ice without already usual expression of horror on his face, “Mom, take me home right now”. Well, for Maxim this silver medal is definitely with a gold shimmer, such a victory on himself! Just please do not tell him that he is again Russian number one and all hopes are on him! I do not want to check whether new Kovtun can cope with this.

Miki, I’ve told you, think about it! Why do you think Javi goes to Rostelecom Cup every year like it’s his second home? Maybe he has a safe house there. As it turned out not only a safe house, bus also a wife. You don’t believe me? Ask Tatiana Tarasova) Her “Javier married a Russian girl and now he’s as slim as balalaika” was probably the biggest nonsens that she said durig all European Championships)

But apparently his “wife” isn’t good in cooking or she’s already exhausted poor Fernandez. I have never seen him so tired and emaciated. It seems, only eyes remained( Well, he won, but there was no one he could loose to. But I worry a bit about Javi before the Worlds, also that nasty fall. Hope everything will be fine.

On contrary to expectations, European Championships turned out not boring, with some discoveries, pleasant surprises and bitter disappointments that gave a lot of reasons for discussions. And now it’s time to prepare for the Four Continents and incredible battle in men’s skating.


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  1. Mad for Skating says:

    I didn’t watch anyone but sweet Javi, so I don’t think it’s my place to comment. I just think he’s going to need to step it up for Worlds.

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