Elena Ilinykh: “My main beauty secret is taking care of a child. I believe that beauty comes from within”

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Elena Ilinykh about shape, nutrition, beauty and motherhood.

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Elena Ilinykh: It used to be difficult for me to keep weight. In professional sports, even extra grams are taken into account. But when I left the sport and let go of this situation, when I stopped thinking about weight all the time, it stabilized at one level.

The most important thing to keep fit is a healthy nutrition. I adhere to an intuitive diet: I try not to eat when I don’t want to, and choose the foods I want. It’s also important to eat small meals and move more.

Ballet classes became a discovery for me. I put them into my daily routine after the birth of my son, and they helped me quickly get back in shape. Also, these workouts look very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they can be compared to meditation.


Elena Ilinykh: If I need to quickly lose a couple of extra pounds, I switch to intermittent fasting. I’ve recently learned about this type of nutrition, and it helps me: it brings me into shape in 2-3 days. And, of course, I add more physical activities: I run, I walk a lot with my son. Walking with my son is especially pleasant: it is both communication with the child and training for the body.

I never eat on the go, especially breakfast. Breakfast for me is a ritual when the whole family should gather at one table. I usually cook omelet, cheese pancakes.

My favorite food is lemon. I always have it in my fridge, because I love to drink water with lemon, tea with lemon, I like to season salads with lemon juice. And I can just eat lemon without anything else.

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About personal care

Elena Ilinykh: At home I have many different scrubs, oils, creams, massage brushes. I like it all very much. And if I manage to allocate time for myself, I try to use all of this.

I always have eye drops, mascara and cover-up in my makeup bag. That’s all I need to get ready quickly.

My main beauty secret is taking care of a child. I believe that beauty comes from within, and while communicating with your baby, you get the purest energy that gives you a burst of strength.

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About raising a child

Elena Ilinykh: Mirusik does not speak yet, but already communicates in separate words and syllables, combining both Russian and English words. It is important for us that our son speaks English well in the future. Firstly, because he was born in America, and secondly, his dad grew up and lived in England for a long time. In addition, English is an international language, you need to know it well.

So far, we are not doing anything special to learn the language, we speak only in Russian, but we turn on cartoons in English for our son, we also watch movies and TV shows in English.

My advice to young mothers is to read less everything that is written on the Internet. Or, if you read, then only things which give you good emotions and energy. And the most important thing is the maternal instinct, because only a mother can feel what her child needs. Listen to yourself and your child.

Being a mom is a great happiness for me.

Now my favorite book is any children’s book that can be shown to my son. There should be beautiful illustrations which show animals, cars; it should contain poems that the child will like.


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