Alexander Zhulin: “We have been doing sports all our lives and in fact we can’t do anything else, and they deprive us of the right to compete.”

Posted on 2022-03-18 • 5 comments


Alexander Zhulin about the decision of the ISU to ban the Russian team from international competitions. The sanctions affected not only figure skaters, but all Russian athletes.

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source: dd. 17th March 2022

Alexander Zhulin: The ISU decision to ban the Russian team from international competitions violates all the rights of an athlete. All athletes and skaters in particular are the last people who participate in unleashing conflicts. Okay, the whole world has turned on sanctions, but what do athletes have to do with it? Why they touch figure skaters? We have been doing sports all our lives and in fact we can’t do anything else, and they deprive us of the right to compete.

The main problem of the ISU decision is the unknown. It is difficult to force athletes to train when they do not have a clear goal, when they do not know what will happen tomorrow and what to prepare for in general. Previously, we clearly knew what we were preparing for and what we were doing, but now there is no such understanding. It’s hard to convince people to train when they realize there is no World or European Championships. All international federations shouted “Sport is out of politics”, and in the end they shouted to the point that now they want to ban all Russians and pretend that such a country does not exist in sports.

Of course, in order to have some motivation and hope, it’s necessary to appeal the ISU decision to CAS. In any case, even if it doesn’t make much sense, it’s worth a try.


5 Responses to “Alexander Zhulin: “We have been doing sports all our lives and in fact we can’t do anything else, and they deprive us of the right to compete.””

  1. Sarah says:

    This is obviously a Russian run blog. It is not acceptable to censor any comments which are not pro Russian anywhere but in Russia. The west allows everyone to express their own opinions. Agree or disagree everyone has the right to expression. It is so wrong and immoral to prevent certain opinions from publication. Why is Russia so afraid of people having independent thought?

    • FS Gossips says:

      No, not Russian.
      As for comments, if you post a comment on fs-gossips for the first time, it undergoes a anti-spam verification, which is done manually. So sometimes it takes time.
      You can check your comments.

  2. Sarah says:

    Taking heart medication to improve the efficiency of oxygen production is definitely doping. When Russians don’t cheat they won’t be banned. Actions have consequences. Take your punishment like an adult. Invading smaller countries is reprehensible. The world doesn’t want to have anything to do with Russia as long as they lie and cheat. Crying like a baby at your punishment doesn’t help your cause. Russia will earn respect if they play by the rules.

  3. Sarah says:

    Using heart medication to improve the blood flow is doping. The only way Russians can win is to cheat. I would have preferred Russia was banned for doping. Building muscles up without the pain of training is cheating. If Russian aren’t honest and follow the rules they forfeit the right to compete. Actions have consequences. It is time Russia acted like an adult and accepted their just punishment. There is no room for crying like a baby when Russia is not allowed to cheat.

  4. Laura P says:

    Indeed, I couldn’t agree more, and I am an American. But our Media is full of propaganda to silence naive citizens who never critically think, or research. The US elites hate Russia because of their Christian culture and goodness. They desire total control of Russia. Russia now knows the US hates her, so it doesn’t matter what good things Russia does. This is a proxy war between the US and Russia, with the U S threatening NATO missiles on Russia’s border. It is SO WRONG and immoral what the West is doing to Russia’s athletes and singers and pianists. The US is bearing false witness against Russia. I don’t think God is happy.

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