Alexander Enbert: “Kostornaia was a fantastic single skater, and she has the potential to become an excellent pair skater.”

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Alexander Enbert, 2019 World Championships bronze medalist in pairs skating, highly praised Alena Kostornaia’s prospects in pair skating.

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In the upcoming season, Kostornaia will be competing in a pair with Georgi Kunitsa.

Alexander Enbert: I see prospects because I went through a similar situation myself when I teamed up with Katarina Gerboldt, a single skater who was already 20 years old and a Master of Sports in international single skating.

In our very first season together, we participated in the European Championships and secured the fourth place, right behind Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy. So, anything is possible.

An established athlete who already skates well, has all the elements, including jumps, turns, rockers and choctaws, can add the pair component – lifts, twists, throws – faster than junior athletes who have a vast amount of work to do in all aspects.

And Alena seems to have found motivation for herself and the type of figure skating that interests her. I have no concerns for her. Kostornaia is an incredibly experienced skater who skates beautifully. She was a fantastic single skater, and she has the potential to become an excellent pair skater.

Georgi Kunitsa might not be as experienced in terms of international performances, and Alena surpasses him in terms of gliding and choreography. However, Georgi is well-versed in pair skating, and I think that in this partnership, they will pull each other up, and it’s quite possible they will become a wonderful pair even in this season.


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