Adelina Sotnikova: “Neither then nor now did the international doping control system have any questions for me. So the sensation did not take place, sorry.”

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Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova explained her words about the 2014 doping test.

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The figure skater spoke about the problem with her doping test in an interview on the Tatarka FM YouTube channel. Later, the video with Sotnikova disappeared from the channel.

“Dear fans, media representatives!

Over the past week, I, my team, people around me have received a huge number of calls and messages in order to get comments about the suddenly inflated situation in the media. And, of course, everyone is waiting for official comments from me.

I understand that such a newsbreak will always be quoted and gain a large number of views. But the media has already attributed to me that I admitted using illegal drugs. Guys, you can’t do that.

Let’s start with a quote. “Even remembering 2014, when after some time they said that they found doping in my probe, and I had to have a trial. But then I was acquitted…”

The phrase “they have found doping.” After this phrase, there are many valid options. From a confirmed dirty sample to a sampling error and a damaged tube, a violation by the doping officer of the protocol for sampling, transport and storage of samples.

When an athlete has problems with a sample and is informed about it, one thought rushes through his head (especially for someone who has not taken illegal drugs) “Where, what kind of doping was found?” And panic, “Ahh, I have dope ???!!!”

This block remains for a long time. And when we talk about it, and in passing, we say so, “I was told that they found doping.” Yes, they said. But it turned out to be a problem with the sample tube, scratches…

Distorted information in any form gives foreign media a reason to discuss Russian athletes. Why did you turn it upside down and inflate it yourself?

Neither then nor now did the international doping control system have any questions for me. So the sensation did not take place, sorry.

And finally: no one will take away the main thing from me! Sochi 2014, minutes on the podium, the Russian anthem, the eyes of the fans and an incredible feeling – the feeling that I performed worthy for my country!” Sotnikova posted on the social network.


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