Zoe Jones: “I wanted to skate more. But the decision to retire turned out to be right, because in the end, a new page in life gave us our daughter.”

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Former British pair skater Zoe Jones told about how her life has unfolded one year after retiring from her career.

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Zoe Jones began her sports career as a singles skater in the 1990s and participated in World and European Championships. In 2002, Zoe left the sport, got married, and had three children, but returned 13 years later, this time in pairs skating. French figure skater Christopher Boyadji offered her to skate together and moved to her hometown of Swindon for training. They consistently won the British Nationals for several years. Their highest achievement as a pair was 10th place in the 2022 World Championships. In March 2022, the skaters announced their retirement.

In April of this year, it was announced that Zoe, 43, and Christopher, 32, had a daughter.

Zoe Jones: We have been a couple with Chris for a long time. A year ago (after the World Championships) we ended our career at his initiative. I was worried about it and wanted to skate more. But the decision turned out to be right, because in the end, a new page in life gave us our daughter Arya. We are absolutely happy!

After leaving the sport, we fully immersed ourselves in coaching and brought Lloyd Jones (a French, previously British figure skater who performed in ice dancing) into our team. Today, our students are single skater Kristen Spours, and pair skaters Lydia Smart and Harry Mattick. Chris put them onto the ice at the recent World Championships in Saitama. I did not fly there due to my health condition, but I was also actively involved in preparation.

My older daughters began their journey in pairs skating and are preparing to perform at the junior level (they are 15 years old and twins). And many local children come to skate at our rink. So, a good school has been organized in our Swindon.


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