“Yuzuru is an outstanding figure skater, a legend that has become part of that golden galaxy of figure skating greats” Russian coaches and skaters about Hanyu retiring from competing professionally.

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Russian coaches and skaters about Yuzuru Hanyu retiring from competing professionally.

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Tatiana Tarasova: Hanyu has had a very long career, since 2010 in international competitions. He was and remains a crowd favorite.

It’s just time to think about the future, and he decided to do his show, switching to professionals.

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Alexei Mishin: This news did not cause me joy, to be honest.

Hanyu left big sport, but remained in my heart and my memory. I think it’s the same for millions of other people.

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Ilia Averbukh: Yuzuru Hanyu, undeniably, is an outstanding figure skater, a legend that has become part of that golden galaxy of figure skating greats. He’s mature enough already.

For him, other competitions, except for Olympic gold, do not make sense. Understanding that by the next Olympics he will be over 30, objectively, I think this is an absolutely sound, reasonable and smart decision.

Hanyu in Japan will be idolized for life. I wish him success in his future career and wherever he starts, he is a very talented person.

It was almost clear that he would end his career, but now he has done it officially.

source: tass.ru

Alexander Zhulin: It’s sad, he’s a legend. He was a great skater. I think his retirment is due to problems with motivation, he won two Olympics. He has nothing more to strive for – he won everything, and, of course, age.

Japan loves figure skating. The shows that Hanyu will create will be insanely popular. Whoever goes there, the arenas are always packed.

Hanyu can safely skate for 6-7 years and he will have full arenas, so I don’t worry about his financial component.

The era is gone, he’s a superstar. It is a pity that he ended his career, but, apparently, his age has come.

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Inna Goncharenko: Yuzuru Hanyu is one of my favorite skaters. I think that he is a bright personality, very special, distinguished by his skating and spirituality.

With his bright jumps, he left a phenomenal mark. Of course, spectators and fans will want to continue seeing him, but the choice of an athlete must be respected.

His idea with the show is great. Creative people can give a lot to the audience and for the development of the younger generation. What he wants to do is important and necessary. I’m sure it will be interesting and exciting.

It is quite possible to expect to see Zhenya Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova, with whom he has a great relationship, in his ice shows, because in the world of figure skating there are good relations with each other. It will be interesting.

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Evgeni Plushenko: Today I found out that my good friend, an outstanding figure skater, the biggest star in the history of figure skating, Yuzuru Hanyu, announced his retirement.

I appreciate everything he has done for figure skating. I would like to wish him all the best in his professional career and hope he makes people all over the world happy with his performances on the show.

Good luck in the future my friend Yuzuru-san.

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Alexei Yagudin: Hanyu had a brilliant career as an athlete, good luck to him in the future. There are always people who not only win, but also surprise.

Hanyu is a two-time Olympic champion, it’s so cool! And even at the third Olympics, he took fourth place.

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Maxim Kovtun: It is unfortunate that a whole era is leaving figure skating. It was a great honor for me to compete with Yuzuru, to compete with him on the world stage. It was a priceless, amazing experience.

I will always remember him as a friendly person who was always glad to see us.

I remember once we crossed paths with him at some competitions, and he shouted so funny: “Koooftaaaan!” and ran to hug.

Yuzuru changed figure skating – this phrase can be said about him absolutely sincerely. He is a real legend, there is nothing to add.

Only after his skates people were throwing a billion toys on the ice, that even the ice was not visible, giving a standing ovation.

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Sergei Voronov: This is a legendary figure skater, two-time Olympic champion, two-time world champion. He did something that no one in men’s figure skating has done for a very long time. He is so passionate about his work.

Any of us can proudly say that he skated during the Hanyu era.

This is the law of life: someone leaves, someone comes. Who will take Hanyu’s place? It’s interesting to see. Now both Ilia Malinin and Yuma Kagiyama are the future of our sport. But Yuzuru is a name that will remain for centuries, no less.

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Maxim Trankov: Hanyu has left big sport, and this should be treated philosophically, because everything has its time and the great ones should also move on.

I am happy that I skated with this athlete at the same time, I saw him developing from the junior level. I am sure that one way or another Yuzuru will remain in figure skating, because this is his life.

I am sure that we will meet again and with pleasure we will recall everything that we went through together. Including on the Olympic ice.

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Mark Kondratiuk: The legend of figure skating and the personification of art on ice!

Yuzuru was and remains an example for me throughout my conscious sports life!

I dreamed of skating with him on the same competitive ice. Incredibly happy that I did!

When it got hard, always rewatch this great program:

video by Olympic Channel

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