Yuzuru Hanyu announced the start of his tour ‘RE_PRAY’ that contains ethical and value elements from the world of games, which has been a significant part of his experiences

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Two-time Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu before turning professional in July of last year, announced the start of his first tour, “Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2nd ‘RE_PRAY’ TOUR,” on September 1 at 11:11 am.

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The tour begins on November 4 at Saitama Super Arena and will continue in Saga at SAGA Sunrise Arena in January 2024 and in Kanagawa at PIA Arena MM in February 2024.

Yuzuru Hanyu’s solo performances follow his “Prologue” tour in November of last year and his historic Tokyo Dome performance in February, titled “GIFT.” He also serves as the general producer and is contributing to the storytelling, much like “GIFT.” Renowned Japanese choreographer MIKIKO, known for her work with top Japanese artists, will once again be responsible for directing the show.

Hanyu, who is known for his love of video games, shared a message, “This ‘RE_PRAY’ contains ethical and value elements from the world of games, which has been a significant part of my experiences. It touches upon questions that arise in one’s life, thoughts and emotions that originate from the core of humanity, wishes, and ‘prayers.'”

Hanyu’s full comment: “I am truly happy to have the opportunity to create this performance together with MIKIKO-sensei and everyone dear to me. This ‘RE_PRAY’ includes ethical and value elements from the world of games, which have been significant in my experiences.

There is only one life, and the idea of being able to restart a game repeatedly contains many important lessons. Both of these important elements will be entrusted to words and skating. Among those who watch, some may find that their past is sublimated, or they may think too much and increase their worries.

In a question that does not have a single correct answer, and in a space and skating that are never the same twice, I hope that each person can feel the unique colors of the world that can only be born within themselves.

Right and wrong, sadness, loneliness, and prayers – I will weave these with my own soul through words and skating.”

MIKIKO’s full comment: “While watching the performance of ‘GIFT,’ I was filled with joy at the new genre of expression that I had never seen before, born here in Japan. To reach a faint light in the distance, you must continue to advance while praying earnestly.

For the desire to go to yet unseen landscapes, the path you have chosen from among many choices will become your own story. The words spun by Hanyu and expressions that only he can create will overlap with your lives, and that is when this production will be complete.

Being able to experience ‘Yuzuru Hanyu’s’ expression is surely a reward to us, who are working hard to live in this era. I am grateful for this opportunity once again and will create this with the utmost care.”

The new show is expected to be a unique and emotionally resonant experience for fans of Yuzuru Hanyu’s skating.


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