Yuma Kagiyama restored his quadruple flip after a left ankle injury

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Yuma Kagiyama restored quadruple flip.

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Yuma Kagiyama, the silver medalist in men’s figure skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics, who missed international competitions this season due to a left ankle injury, held a practice session open to the public in Fukuoka City on the Jume 15th. Successfully executing a quadruple flip, one of his difficult jumps, for the first time in about six months, he expressed satisfaction, saying, “I’m starting to put loads on my left ankle. I’m improving little by little.”

In the current season, he finished in 8th place at the Japanese Nationals in December last year, which was his first competitions, and then prioritized the recovery of his ankle, staying away from on-ice training until March. He mentioned that the stress fracture has almost healed, and on this day’s practice, he executed the quadruple salchow, which he started jumping in mid-May.


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