Yuma Kagiyama: “At the Japanese Nationals, I failed quad salchow in the short program, but then my father advised me, ‘You lack confidence.’ So in this competition, I focused on confidence.”

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Translation of Yuma Kagiyama’s comments about the Four Continents Championships.

original source: sportiva.shueisha.co.jp

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Translation of the comments made by Yuma Kagiyama in an interview for Web Sportiva.

Before the competition, Kagiyama expressed his determination to win a title at the Four Continents saying, “I’ve been training for weeks to win. I’ve focused on practicing every detail, including spins and skating, to score as many additional points as possible. So, I want to win the Four Continents Championships title.”

As for adding quad flip to the fre program he said, “Compared to the salchow and toe loop, the flip is still performed carefully, paying attention to speed and strength. It’s a bit challenging to coordinate these aspects, but since the flip is the second jump in the free skate, I need to land the first salchow firmly. The flow is quite challenging, but I believe I’ve practiced it well enough.”

“At the Japanese Nationals, I failed the quadruple salchow in the short program, but then my father (coach Masakazu Kagiyama) advised me, ‘You lack confidence.’ In this competition, I focused on confidence. I think I was able to perform this short program with the confidence,” said Kagiyama.

He got a season-best score of 200.76 points in the free skate, and total 307.58 points. “Personally, I didn’t expect to reach 200 points; I thought it would be around 197-198 points, so I was really surprised when I hit 200 points,” he said. “There are areas where I can earn more GOE points, not just in jumps but also in the fine expressions and spins of the program,” he analyzed where he could potentially gain additional points.


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