Yuma Kagiyama and Kao Miura had a one-week training camp working on the programs with Shae-Lynn Bourne

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Yuma Kagiyama and Kao Miura work on their programs with Shae-Lynn Bourne.

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Yuma Kagiyama and Kao Miura, who are both aiming for the Winter Olympics in three years, have shared footage of their training camp in the United States.

Yuma Kagiyama, a 20-year-old silver medalist of the Beijing Olympics, and Kao Miura, a 17-year-old who made significant progress last season, are spending a one-week training camp together in California, United States. On the May 11th, they released footage of their practice sessions.

Regarding next season’s free program, Kao Miura has made his first-ever request to internationally renowned choreographer Shae-Lynn Bourne, who is based locally in the United States. He has decided to use music from his beloved anime “Attack on Titan.”

While struggling through Shae-Lynn’s guidance, which involves drawing out the skater’s inner emotions and implementing challenging choreography, Miura has been diligently working towards completing his program. He stated, “I feel the sense of growth every year, and it reflects in my movements. I’m looking forward to the next season.”

On the other hand, Yuma Kagiyama experienced his first long-term absence from skating last season due to a left ankle injury.

For the upcoming season, Kagiyama plans to continue with the program from last year and is working with Shae-Lynn on making minor adjustments to the short program.


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