“You’re a monster” Kao Miura did two short programs in two different competitions on the same day

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Kao Miura about start of the season and competing in two competitions on the same day.

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Last season’s Four Continents Championships and World Junior Championships winner, Kao Miura (18), successfully completed the unusual “2 Short Programs per day.”

He performed his program for this season, “This Place Was A Shelter,” and scored 91.84 points. As he prepared for the Kinoshita Trophy Competition SP in Uji City, Kyoto, at 2:20 p.m. local time, about four hours later, he executed three jumps, starting with the opening quad salchow – triple toe loop combination. While looking back at the scores with a somewhat frustrated expression, he nodded and said, “The feeling was quite good. The program has a high level of intensity.”

Challenging the rare feat of “competing in two separate competitions in one day”, he surprised those around him. However, he assessed that there were no issues with the schedule and decided on it with a “light-hearted feeling.” He mentioned, “My physical condition is perfectly fine.” While having lunch in the car, he will move to the venue in Uji City.

His goal for this season is to win his first national title and achieve a medal at the World Championships. He emphasized, “If I can continue to level up throughout the season.”

Following his participation in the morning at the Gensan Summer Cup (Shiga Prefectural Ice Arena), he took part in the Short Program (SP) at the Kinoshita Trophy Competition, which opened in a separate venue in the afternoon. He scored 91.60 points. In his morning performance, he scored 91.84 points, resulting in an average of 91.72 points for the “doubleheader.” He confessed, “It’s tough,” but also expressed that he didn’t falter much and felt a sense of accomplishment.

Similar to his first performance, he began with a quad salchow – triple toe loop combination, followed by a triple axel and his third jump, a quad toe loop. Despite fatigue, he skated through his new SP music for this season, “This Place Was A Shelter.”

After his performance, Haruya Sasaki, who had skated earlier, exclaimed, “You’re a monster.” This challenge was a first for Miura himself. He decided to compete because “the schedules were the same.” Amidst the astonishment of those around him, he calmly reflected on his day.

He explained, “It’s tough. For the first performance, I woke up early in the morning, so not much time had passed since I got up, and I wasn’t in a state where I could jump at full power. So, I was feeling how I could jump at that moment. The second performance was more as usual but my legs are tired, so I was focused on moving well within that. There was about a 3-hour break between the first and second performances, so I learned how to take care of myself and warm up during that time.”

This challenge was undertaken with the consideration of the transition from overseas competitions and official practices to the main event.

“I used to be impulsive. It felt like it was a binary choice of whether to do it or not.” It’s this realization that has led him to examine himself this season and go full throttle with both his mind and body.

“Looking back from off-ice, I’ve been able to gradually find out what’s ‘good’ for me by considering movements and meals today.”

Kao Miura approached his first competition of the season and emerged victorious with a total score of 272.51 points. He executed 7 jumps in the free skate, earning 180.91 points. He nodded, stating, “What I cultivated last year is undoubtedly showing in my performance.”

His new free skate was choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne and set to “Attack on Titan.” In sync with the music’s rhythm, he delivered a powerful performance. Starting with a triple axel – euler – triple salchow combination, he then executed a successful quad toe loop and quad salchow. In the latter half of the program, his second quad toe loop – triple loop earned him an additional 2.53 points in Grade of Execution (GOE).

He portrayed the world of “Attack on Titan” through a performance that incorporated variations in intensity. His jumps exhibited stability, and he modestly chuckled, “In the past, my jumps would go wild, and we would die together, but that aspect has improved, and I see that as a sign of growth.”

On the preceding day, the August 11th, he participated in the Gensan Summer Cup (Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture) in the morning, and later, at the Kinoshita Trophy Competition (Uji City, Kyoto), he successfully completed an unusual “1-day 2 Short Programs (SP).” On the August 13th, he is scheduled to compete in the free skate at the Gensan Summer Cup, attempting four performances in three days. He remarked, “For the second competition, I want to address the issues.” Without getting too absorbed in his victory, his focus was already shifting towards tomorrow.

At his second competitions, after leading the Short Program (SP), he secured additional points on all 7 jumps in the free skate, achieving a score of 180.91 and claiming the first place. The previous day, he transitioned from the concurrently held Gensan Summer Cup (Shiga) to execute a “1-day 2 SP” performance. On the 13th, he will return to Shiga for the male free skate for the second consecutive day.


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