Young You’s SP for 2023/2024 season symbolizes moving beyond past pain and starting anew. Her FP is autobiographical – it shows her journey of overcoming the sense of loss when she lost her father

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Young You’s management company, Brio Sports, unveiled her plans and programs for the new season.

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Brio Sports announced Young You’s programs for 2023/2024 season.

The ‘Beijing Star’ You Young will participate in the ‘CS Andrei Nepela Memorial’ competition from September 28th to 30th with her new program. She will then compete in the 1st event of the 2023 Grand prix series Skate America, followed by the 5th event, the 2023 Grand Prix of Espoo, as she aims for the Grand Prix Final. You Young’s new season is eagerly anticipated as she overcomes injury to strive for greater achievements on the world stage.

You Young’s new short program is set to “Listen to your heart,” choreographed by the Korean choreographer Shin Yea-ji. It symbolizes moving beyond past pain and starting anew. Her free program is autobiographical, featuring a compilation of three songs: “Autumn moon” by Eternal Eclipse, “True love’s last kiss,” and “Yearning hearts.” It portrays her journey of overcoming the sense of loss and confusion she felt when she lost her father and her subsequent resurgence. The choreography was created in collaboration with Drew Meekins.

You Young, the first South Korean female figure skater to successfully execute a triple axel, couldn’t fully showcase her preparedness from the previous season. Amid the fiercely competitive domestic scene, where the skills of South Korean figure skaters have been raised, and dealing with both back and ankle injuries, she unfortunately missed out on representing Koreo at the major competitions. You Young is determined to make a difference this year, stating, “I will show a different side compared to last year,” as she strengthens her resolve for the upcoming season.


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