Yanovskaya / Guryanov: maybe it’s destiny

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New ice dance team Anna Yanovskaya Ivan Guryanov told about their decision to skate together.

Anna, last month you probably was one of the most talked about figure skaters. Let’s not go back to prehistory. Let’s talk about the present. What’s new happened since our last interview?

Anna: First of all thank you very much, you personally and to all the fans for having followed my career, worried. Every day in all social networks I receive a huge number of letters of support from all around the world. It’s extremely nice and valuable for me. In fact, it’s the most important thing in human terms. As for the professional part, I started to train in a group of Irina Zhuk and Alexander Svinin.

Aaaand? Anna, as we understand, we already can say that in this group you are training not alone but with a partner. Right?! So, open to your fans this secret.

Anna: Sure. I’m pleased to share the news and, moreover, would like to introduce you my partner Ivan Guryanov. From this season Ivan and I will work together under guidance of our coaches, so that in the world of ice dance form a pair Yanovska-Guryanov.

Anna Yanovskaya Ivan Guryanov

from Tatjana Flade’s twitter

Anna, Ivan, please tell us how you found each other? How this story began? And by the way, have you thought how fans will call you? YaGs?

Anna: Honestly, we haven’t thought about it. As fans will call, so it be (God bless our pair will have them, we hope).  Why not Yags. Well, actually, gradually, a small step for a small step, a history of our teaming up goes. But, most importantly, from the very first moment we met, everything goes on positive, which gives incredible power. At first we tried alone. Then experts looked on us. They said that we match each other by all parameters. I will not go into all the technical details. Maybe, just tell about one thing, that many were talking about  – about height. Vanya is veeeryyy tall. With my height 171 cm, Vanya has 193 cm. Received the opinion of the specialists we have decided to continue together.

Have you known each other before?

Ivan: No, personally, we haven’t known each other. But of course, I knew such famed skater, who won all tops in junior ice dance. Moreover, when last season Anna competed in Bordeaux in France, I was watching her. sitting at the stands with Marina Anissina, in whose group I was training at the time. And who could have imagined that six months later we become a pair.

Anna: We met here in Moscow in mid-April. I was looking for a partner. As I said in interview, it was important for me that the partner was free. 

Ivan: I returned from France to Moscow just before our acquaintance. And I also was in search of a partner.

Anna: That’s the story. Both were searching and found each other. Maybe it’s an accident, maybe a coincidence, or maybe it’s a destiny. Let’s work, let’s see.

Tell us how your trainings are going?

Anna: At the moment we are at the training camp in Novogorske together with the whole group. We have an active work process: on the ice, on the floor, in the gym, athletics arena, swimming pool, etc. In general, the schedule is completely filled.

Did you have time to rest before training camp? Anna, as I understand through your photos in social networks, you were in Sochi, Kazan.

Anna: Well, in fact, such a full and usual vacation didn’t happen this year. But nothing can be done. It happened. But at one weekends I managed to fly to Sochi, on the another – to Kazan. Such a vacations on weekends.

How is the new group?

Anna: Great. With Sasha and Vanya we have been friends for a long time. And Ivan was taken very warmly. Therefore, work is proceeding in a very friendly atmosphere.

What are your goals? Get used to  each other? So for this season, you don’t put any productive goals?

Anna: Our goal this season to form a pair Anna Yanovskaya – Ivan Guryanov.

Ivan: Work, work and more work to become a duet, not to be just two skaters who are skating on the ice at the same time.

the source: vpsfund.org


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