World Junior Championships. Costume review: pairs

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At World junior Championships 2016 competed not many pairs – only 14. So, it means only 28 costumes) That’s why, forgive me but I’ll discuss costumes from short and free programs together.

Here’s my top-5 best costumes from pairs’ competition in Debrecen:

5. Bryn Hoffman – Bryce Chudak


I like that costumes for Notre Dame de Paris were pretty simple and abstract. Black and red, red and gold are one of the most popular color combination in figure skating. Bryn is a very beautiful girl and this dress highlights it. I like the idea of golden ribbons on the bodice and this nude parts on sides. (I can see some Valentino’s inspiration here). And thank goodness no nude illusion mesh!

4. Anastasia Mishina – Vladislav Mirzoev

Anastasia MISHINA / Vladislav MIRZOEV

I think green is unfairly rarely used in figure skating! It looks bright on ice, and some shades of green is pretty self sufficient and rich colors which will look great without lots of decoration. On Vladislav we see nice imitation of a tailcoat. He looks so chic! A man in a suit always look great) Anastasia’s dress reminds me both latina dances and style of 20th. Skirt completely made of fringe it’s quite brave) But looks playfully in motion – good choice for this music and choreo.

3. Anastasia Gubanova -Alexei Sintsov

Anastasia GUBANOVA / Alexei SINTSOV

Lovely and totally age appropriate for a junior pair costumes. Anastasia’s dress should be remembered by many girls, because such design can be used for many programs) Sky-blue color always look good on young girls, and silver sequences are always a good match for this shade. I also like the slight drapery on the bodice and an asymmetrical design. Maybe, I would have done his shirt a bit simplier and closer to a real clothes.

2. Joy Weinberg – Maximiliano Fernandez


Not every girl can look great in jumpsuit, but Joy in her costume for the short program looks stunning! They both have laconic costumes with minimal amount of details, but I think it was a great and original choice. With this black laces on the back and sleeves Joy’s costume looks elegant and on the same time pretty hot. And it’s a tango, so why not) I also appreciate that for the tango program there were no black and red dress with open back and no rose in hair!

1. Lindsay Weinstein – Jacob Simon


I was thinking a lot whick costumes to chose into the top-5, but I’ve decided immideatly who will be the winner in my fashion ranking after seen this costumes. A traditional male set “trouthers-shirt-waistcoat” always a good choice. Classical and elegant. And I just fall in love with this dress! Simple elegance! Another prof that you don’t need tonns of sequines, kilomets of ruffles and laces to look fantastic! Such applications on the nude-ilussion mesh is still a trand in evening dress and bridal fashion. Lindsay’s dress looks expensive and sophisticated!


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