World Junior Championships. Costume review: ladies short program

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45 girls performed their short programs at World Junior Championships in Debrecen! But unfortunately it wasn’t too difficult to choose the best dresses.

Here’s my top-5 best dresses of the ladies short program:

5. Teodora Markova

Teodaora Markova

I like the noble grey color of the dress and the imitation of bolero . Translucent sleeves make arms to look more refined. The сuffs look romantic and also make an accent on the work of arms. Not too much decoration, the silver sequins on the bodice in the shape of heart look also romantic and add the needed spark to the dress. Lovely dress in ice-princess style.

4. Alisa Fedichkina

Alisa Fedichkina

I’ve already discussed this dress here. Lovely, tender, girlish dress. Perfect choice for junior skater! I always appreciate when the costume is age appropriate. Soft pink always looks good on young girls. I can see the idea of a dress in empire style. The vinous ribbon under the chest prolonged the silhouette and made the impression of a high-waist, but in reality the waist is where it should be, what makes the dress more comfortable for figure skating.

3. Aleksandra Rudolf

Aleksandra Rudolf

What can be better than little black dress? Another great example of “the less is the best”. To look marvelous you don’t need to create something too complex, with lots of details and lots of finishing. Sometimes simple dress with wise decoration is the best choice. I like how silver Swarovski crystals make the illusion of drapery on the bodice and an illusion of plisse on skirt. Aleksandra looks chic and fashionable.

2. Bradie Tennel

5I have already discussed this dress once. But I think Bradie had the same dress but of different colour at the World Junior Championships. Or it was only an optical illusion? Anyway it’s no so important because the dress is gorgeous! If I’m not mistaken it’s a dress by Brad Griffies? Classic, elegant dress, a bit in ice-princess style. The dress has an expensive look. It’s a nice dress for a young lady. Yes, I like dresses with the sleeves, the arms look refined and no need to use the nude ilusion mesh). This dress is a great example of two rules: 1) Either complex design or lots of finishing; 2) Open something one. Either do a plunging neckline or open back. I also like how the sparkling sequins are distributed. The dress is made with a lot of taste.

1. Tyler Pierce

Tyler Pierce

Girls, remember always choose something one. Either creative design or lots of finishing. Never both. Tyler’s dress all covered with silver sequins, has lovely asymmetrical finishing under the chest. The dress looks fabulous under the spotlights! It’s elegant dress that has an expensive look! Great choice for any classical program.


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