World Championships review: ladies

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The last part of my impression from the Worlds Championships 2016 is about ladies event. Ice dance, men and pairs i’ve discussed here. Ladies was the last discipline, for me it was the forth sleepless night, I was morally devastated, exhausted and that is why my emotions from this event were a bit muted) That is why I will express more briefly.

Mae Berenice Meite joined the company “Guess what, we didn’t get into the free program”. Сompletely unexpected. So Youn Park and Alaine Chartrand performed much below their abilities and potential. Brian Orser admonished Alaine – «You’re so well trained». I’m sure she was, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t noticeable during her skating. Too bad, I liked her Pina. Angelina Kuchvalska obviously got tired by the end of the season, having given her maximum at the European Championships.

Zijun Li lacked just a little bit to get into the coveted top-10. But I can see some positive changes. At Worlds I hadn’t the impression that she will stop on the middle of her FP and won’t continue at all. It is necessary to work on her stamina and add some speed. As always, Zijun has excellent dresses. I almost fell in love with her dark-blue dress from the SP.

I’m so sad for Polina Edmunds not being able to compete at Worlds, but I also very happy for Mirai Nagasu, who got a chance to perform in front of home audience. She deserves this opportunity due to great results at 4CC. Bright girl! I hope this performances will give her a motivation for the next season.

Mao Asada

The Sun of Winter

Gabrielle Daleman punched above her weight. It was best result at Worlds in her career. Another bright and charismatic girl, with great speed. She also has a cool combination of split jumps in the end of her FB – impressive accent.

Rika Hongo is a great example of how important it is to choose the right music. With her Riverdance she got the crowd involved and they didn’t care about her slouch and lack of beautiful lines. Rika also has a charisma, and it will always stand out her on the background of many nice but boring Japanese female skaters. But her short program it’s a nightmare) I hope it won’t come her to mind to keep it for the next year)

Mao, my beautiful Mao…..let it be with mistakes, let it be 7th place….she’s still magical. There were two girls at Worlds, who with their skating were reminding us, how the women’s figure skating must should be. And Mao is one of those two. I completely agree with Tarasova, Mao has PROGRAMS. Not just a set of elements, not just the story with a high-quality choreography, her programs have soul. The step sequence in SP is just incredible! So musical and heartfelt! The FP just leaves you in tears. Beautiful and that’s it. And it’s a blasphemy to give Mao PCS lower than Satoko’s.

Elena Radionova

Brave and Beautiful

Elena Radionova fought until the end. But some her landings are maintaine on the basis of good faith. She can’t get positive GOE for such. What to do to start win again? Firstly, to adapt to new growth and length of legs. Second, have a decent programs. This year Elena’s programs don’t give her any advantage. Too much rushing, flickering hands, hurry, she runs, runs…….music is different but she continue to run the same ) But I always praise Elena for her character. And her new dress(( Oh, my sweet summer child, who told you that it’s elegant and beautiful?…….With works of this designer I familiar only due to figure skating: this Elena’s dress and Tatiana Volosozhar’s wedding dress…..both nightmares.

What do we say to the Lord of Victory? – Not today. Gracie …not Gold, not Silver, not even Bronze. Always fourth. It seems Ashley’s title “almost girl” should move to  her. Everything started so well! But Gracie is not a fighter. On the FP she went completely extinct. First place after the short program and expectation of the home crowd crushed her( I don’t know whether she can fight with it. Perhaps, Gracie needs a new coach.

Anna Pogorilaya

Pride and Purpose

Anna Pogorilaya was incredibly good in the short program. It suits her a lot. Can’t say the same about her FP. Lot’s of work need to be done. Too many unfinished movements, aesthetic position in spins, etc. And absolutely horrible costume( You may say that costume it isn’t important. But there isn’t unimportant things, because you never know which 0,01 will cost you medal, or victory. Anna has good skating skills, but she needs to work on her posture and lines. And I believe in her, she’s a real fighter too.

Ashley Wagner

A Lannister always pays his debts

Last year, my friend and I agreed to have a drink for Ashley‘s bronze at Worlds) We had great plans and she let us down) Well, this year Diva Wagner fully returned the favor! I’m happy for her as much as for Javier. How happy she was for this medal! Yeah, for someone silver can cost more than gold, and someone has an allergy even for silver) In both programs Ashley was gorgeous. And you can’t compare this performances of a woman with performances of girls, even very good, strong in everything, but still girls….It’s just totally different. Unlike Gracie, on both programs Ashley came with a mindset of a winner. It’s great that she skated last – it was an emotional and very bright final of the Championships!

Evgenia Medvedeva

A Taste of Glory

Lots of good, right and touching words have been said about Evgenia Medvedeva. It’s difficult for me to add something. Well done. It was not easy. It was not easy at all. Her team has done everything for this success to happen: from great programs and lovely dresses to getting her in needed shape for this event. Again the girls on their fragile shoulders pulled the entire Russian team) No one knows what will be tomorrow and whether Evgenia will repeat her success (that is why I can’t really be a fan of such young girls – there is always a question – for how long is she), you need to be happy today. Also to take what is yours today. It can be no second chance. Russian girls know it well, pity, that in other disciplines seem don’t understand it.

You wait, wait the World Championships, and when it comes, it flies with a blink of an eye. This Championships was very colorful for me. Mainly thanks to the dancers and girls! And very emotional too. From tears of joy to broken heart. And you know what, stability exists in the world of figure skating! All Champions confirmed their titles. All Champions and Russia in women’s skating) I think that’s all I wanted to say….. Oh yeah, there is something left – remember the Winter Olympics is coming.


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