Will we see Sotnikova and Lipnitskaya competing next season?

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The Grand-prix assignments were announced shockingly early this season) Interesting (but predictable) thing, neither Adelina Sotnikova nor Julia Lipnitskaya there. Well, there’s still a TBA at Rostelecom Cup….But do you believe that we’ll see them competing this season?

Some recent comments from their coaches.

Evgeni Plushenko:

Some time ago, Adelina got a microtrauma at practice, and while it’s early to make plans, we must wait for her full recovery. Partly this situation caused her non-participation in the Grand Prix. Once she’ recovered we will continue to work.


Alexei Urmanov:

Julia is not listed, she missed almost the whole last season, and it’s not a secret that recent executive committee of the Federation of figure skating in Russia named her for the reserve team. She is recovering, she is alive and well, everything is ok with her. We are waiting for the test skates in September and then we will make decisions and plans.


To me it doesn’t sound optimistic. Well, it’s great to hear that everything is ok with Julia, because there were a lot of different rumours. But deciding in September…..isn’t it too late? Oh, whom am I fooling? It’s too late. Especially in Russian woman’s figure skating.


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15 Responses to “Will we see Sotnikova and Lipnitskaya competing next season?”

  1. Mike says:

    FS Gossips, why two spots? Three spots in rus team. Each will have to fight for a place! Julia has all the chances!

    • FS Gossips says:

      Yes, three, but one is 120% reserved by Evgenia Medvedeva. And looking at Julia’s recent photos it’s pretty obvious she is not preparing for the season.

  2. Mad for Skating says:

    I’m actually one of Maria’s fans, a sweet friend of mine converted me :) I really want to see her get some programs that show off her talent. At the same time, I’m afraid it’s going to be Evgenia, Alina, and Anna for the team. Which wouldn’t be the worst, but I will miss both Maria and Elena if that happens.

  3. Tac says:

    I agree, Maria sotskova is just not interesting to watch. I hope she has better programs coming.
    Adelina….why is it there’s always some factor keeping her from competition??? Something fishy is going on.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Back in juniors Maria always had interesting programs that standed out from the rest. I think after moving to Buyanova she has lost her individuality. Watching her programs this season I couldn’t stop thinking that those programs were choreographed for Adelina. But Maria is a completely different type of skater! Too sad her new team donesn’t see that(

  4. Gy says:

    As long as she gives the pretense of still planning to compete, Lipnitskaya and Urmanov’s group will continue to get funded. That’s why Domnina and Shabalin were still on the reserve team for the 2011-2012 season, despite it being obvious Maxim was never skating again – so he could still get a salary.

  5. jimmbboe says:

    I think Julia may still be selected for Rostelecom but Adelina won’t. Her Open Skates were not great already last year. Sadly, I don’t think Julia will qualify for the Olympics except maybe as an alternate. I think Adelina will retire and just continue on the ice show circuit. As you said, the field in Russian Ladies skating is way too deep. I’m hoping Alina and Maria will be on the Oly team.

    • Carina says:

      I think Evgenia and Alina would be shoo-in for the OT (unless something tragic happens) but for the 3rd spot I’m hoping for Elena (or Anna if she could recover from you-know-what), they are more interesting to watch compared to Maria at the moment, imo.

      • Natalie Daniels says:

        Agreed! Maria’s programs just put me to sleep this year. I tried really hard to watch her but….

      • jimmbboe says:

        Anna would be an excellent choice, as well!

      • FS Gossips says:

        Alina looked impressive this season, but she’s only 14, you never know how and when the growing up will start. Isn’t it to early to make such predictions?

    • FS Gossips says:

      Honestly, I’m almost sure we won’t see them at the test skates. And the only question is when we’ll hear an official announcement of retirement.

      Ah, Alina, Anna, Maria, Elena, Liza, Polina…..too many great skaters and only three two spots(

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