Will the Shibs surprise us next season?

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This season Maia and Alex Shibutani made a huge breakthrough that we’ve been expecting from them for a long time. What helped them to achive it? Of course first of all the fact they’re strong technically, secondly, Madison Chock’s mistakes at the begining of the season. But I think the main reason was a great free dance, because actually Maia and Alex have always been strong technically, but their dances were  um….boring. That is why it’s really important for them to make great dances for the next season. This time they need two strong, interesting and memorable dances, one won’t be enough.

Maia and Alex have announced the music for the short dance – “That’s life”. I suppose by Sinatra?

The music choice sounds a bit safe to me. I didn’t expect hip-hop from the Shibs, and I’m sure they will show great skating in close holds, with a great speed and flow, but I worry that such a safe choice may be not enough.

Taking such music and theme they need to be more then just great. They need to be excellent. And I know some source of inspiration for such dance:

Hope to see Alex this damn hot. I know he can. He’s already showed it in pasodoble and continues to develop as a dancer. I really wish they forgot about all this “brother-sister there can’t be any chemistry” because in their case a dance on the edge of scandal is way better then just a lovely dance. Skaters with such quality of skating shouldn’t lose to some pairs, who just have some sparkle between partners! Because ice dance is still a sport. That’s why I hope that the Shibs won’t give an opportunity for the judges to put them lower than they deserve!

I also like the idea of the costumes)

And I’m really exited what they will chose for the free dance!


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