“Why is she crying? Even if she hadn’t failed the element, she would have been sixth.” Tarasova about Kostornaia’s performance

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Tatiana Tarasova commented on Alena Kostornaia’s performance in the short program at the Russian Cup Final.

source: sport-express.ru dd. 27th February 2021 by Danil Aleshin

photo by nevasport.ru

Tatiana Tarasova: Valieva is the first! I score her performance very highly.

If we talk about Kostornaia, then you ask her. Why is she crying? She is in the sixth place, what’s wrong? No need to cry. Even if she hadn’t failed the element, she would have been sixth. I think the judges scored everything correctly today.


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9 Responses to ““Why is she crying? Even if she hadn’t failed the element, she would have been sixth.” Tarasova about Kostornaia’s performance”

  1. Carolina says:

    Guys- be ralsistic! As long as the rules of the ISU stay the same and as long as they not raise the age og the girls at least at 18 (you can have 3 Parts: Childeren, Youth 14-17 and adult ladies 18 and. Why not?) No girl of 18 will win a international competion anymore. The physical requierements of the small youngsters and the older girls are completely different. A comparison is injustice. Eteri and her team is simply realistic: they have their concentration of the winning youngsteres as wanted by the ISU ( Sacrifices have to be made than) and they “burn” them out. This is with the rules of the ISU the only way to have a clean success. Who will blame Eteri than? Personal I have another opinioin of the beaty of this sport, but who is interested in such a opinion- nobody). To blame is only the ISU. I think- I like the scating of Aljona- these are the affektions of a illness- but not alone- also a lack of motivation, perhaps (excuse me) also a little bit of an arrogance (I’m the best anyway- look at the jacket and Eteri at the past!). It is not a question of who is the coach. She will be 18 next year. She will almost have no chance to come in the Olympic team- if the rules of the ISU will be the same. The ISU makes here the biggest mistake- not any coach. This is sad for this sport! With Plushi she had with the first 2 programm very good ones, good choreographies; the change was not luckily. BUT: To compete now was important for her- She had to see her place – 6th or not- for her future motivation. And the statement of TATS I see it in this way. The ISU let the Youngsters burn out (by the way not only in Russia, they can do it only best). I like PLushenko as a coach very much- he has ideals, he has great experiences, he has a sense for good programms, he manages Sasha great- and I hope , that Sasha is the beneficiary of this. Aljona will get lost in the mass production. She is with the current ISU rules to old- but a really extraordinary scater. What a pity!

  2. Georgiana says:

    Yes, maybe if she would have stayed with Eteri, would have got a better score, but not because would have been trained better, but simply because all Eteri’s students get unrealistic high scores even when they don’t skate clean. We all know about “Eteri bonus” granted by the judges.

    But if she wants to go for greater execution, then her change of coaches is exactly as she need. You can say whatever of Plushenko, but he is an absolute artist and skater, not just an acrobat on ice. He has something that Eteri won’t ever had. Humanity and focus for the long run. All her skaters retire before 19-20 years. This says a lot about the burnout of those youngsters. Rarely any of them is able to keep up with the high standards set by them in the past, after they turn 19-20.

    Maybe Eteri is better on burning this girl in a 2-4 years timeframe maximum (senior level) but rarely any of them will catch two Olympic Games in a row.

    As for Tatiana Tarasova, she’s simply unable to understand the meaning of empathy.
    Alena is a very gracious and talented skater, with an amazing performance in general, something that we cannot say about Kamila, Maya or Daria. They are focusing too much on getting points rather than flawless and greater execution. So just jumping quads is not enough for the simple act of skating.

  3. SkatingFanCa says:

    She said what she said because a) she is a business woman; b) she is a politician; and c) the field of ladies skating is very, very deep and especially Eteri has presented a better and stronger “next generation” team for Russian’s Olympic medal hopefuls. So if you only focus on these things, and apparently she does, consideration of humanity and empathy inevitably fades far back. Sad.

  4. Catherine says:

    She suffers from a fundamental lack of understanding of human emotion.

  5. John Abreu says:



  6. Cornel says:

    That is so sad actually :(( I really hoped i’d see her in Beijing, but my gut is telling me that Anna, Kamila and maybe Sasha will be the ones to go to the Olympics. I definitely think Alena shouldnt have changed coaches, that obviously made her weaker and more vulnerable, just like every student of Plushenko.

  7. ioanykie says:

    No she wouldn’t have been six if she hadn’t been struggling with covid for a good few months now or if she had skated cleanly !! It’s so mean to say something like this.

  8. Andreea says:

    Maybe because it is hard to be everyone’s favourite and champion one season and the next not even make the team?

    I wish her more luck in the future… But the curse of 17 y.o is certainly seen. I doubt she can make it to Beijing.

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