“When Ruben started to waver, the coaches brought in a psychologist and hoped that it would help. But, alas!” Alisa Efimova about the breakup of their pair with Ruben Blommaert

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Alisa Efimova about the break up of their pair with Ruben Blommaert.

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source: MatchTV dd. 14 April 2023 by Marina Tchernysheva-Melnik

Blommaert, with whom Efimova has been performing since December 2021, announced his retirement on March 29.

When and how did Ruben announce his decision to you?

Alisa Efimova: Right after the event in Japan (World Championships in Saitama), he told me firmly that he was finishing with sports.

Did you and the coaches try to persuade him otherwise?

Alisa Efimova: We were all interested in performing as a pair until the 2026 Olympics. We discussed and agreed on this at the very beginning, and we set up a work plan.

When Ruben started to waver, the coaches brought in a psychologist and hoped that it would help. But, alas! It’s frustrating that Florian Just (the pair’s coach) tried to find a compromise so that all team members would be comfortable during training, so that Ruben and I – each of us! – could realize our potential.

You know, I believe that it is important for all team members to accept the conditions, to have a common desire. Everything starts with a person who is focused on the result. After all, I also made many sacrifices, tried to build work in a new atmosphere. I’m originally from a different culture, I trained in Russia for a long time. Many things were unfamiliar to me in Oberstdorf, but I accepted it and, at the same time, tried to show my best qualities in new conditions. It was difficult, but it’s also working on yourself and my area of responsibility.

I wanted to continue skating, and since such an opportunity arose under the flag of Germany, I did everything possible to become a worthy representative of this country’s team. But in team work, one-sided efforts are not enough.

Before joining the German national team, Efimova won the Universiade under the Russian flag. At the 2023 World Championships in Saitama, Efimova and Blommaert, representing Germany, finished in tenth place.


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