“When people say, ‘Shoma is cute,’ I think, ‘But I’m already 25…,’ but when I was playing Luffy, it didn’t bother me at all if they called me cute.” Shoma Uno about performing in “One Piece on Ice” show

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Translation of the interview with Shoma Uno about his performance “One Piece on Ice” ice show.

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source: sportiva.shueisha.co.jp dd. 11th September 2023 by Yumeko Yamamoto

How do you feel after the performance?

Shoma Uno: I felt that there was a lot more response to the ice show than I had imagined. I feel that the audience has welcomed what we have been preparing for the performance, and I have a sense of accomplishment that we were able to succeed.

Can you confidently say that it was a “good show”?

Shoma Uno: Before it started, there were anxieties and various thoughts when the practice began. However, looking back now, everyone has been giving their all day by day, doing everything they can, and the feeling of it becoming something great for me is the foremost. I genuinely had a lot of fun.

I felt that you weren’t just performing as Luffy, but you were Luffy himself.

Shoma Uno: I think we created an atmosphere where I could challenge myself. The atmosphere was really good. Every day was very enjoyable, and we had fulfilling practices.

I don’t get too nervous when I can practice without any regrets. I had the same mindset. I thought I would definitely be nervous, but we did everything we could, and I think it turned out to be really good, to the point where we can say, ‘We couldn’t have done any better.’

I was surprised that everyone came to the Kanto rink for practice together the day before the Morioka performance of another ice show, ‘THE ICE.’

Shoma Uno: Practice was so enjoyable (laughs). Of course, every show has its own charm, and I think they’re all fantastic, but ‘One Piece on Ice’ was a challenge in a field I had never tried before, and that’s what made it enjoyable for me.

Figure skating is an individual sport, but in this show, it felt more like a team. While everyone has their individual skills, it’s different from competitive skating. I liked the atmosphere of everyone elevating each other. It felt like a kind of fun that you don’t experience in individual sports.

What was your mindset while playing Luffy?

Shoma Uno: Well, it felt really good. Normally, even when people say, ‘Shoma is cute,’ I think, ‘But I’m already 25…,’ but when I was playing Luffy, it didn’t bother me at all if they called me cute.

If the character you’re playing is a cute character, then it’s a compliment. From my perspective, during the show, I’d rather be called ‘Luffy!’ than ‘Shoma!’ So, that was my mindset. I completely immersed myself in the role and convinced myself that I was Luffy.

Your personality of getting deeply involved when you’re hooked on something seemed to be put to good use this time. What are your thoughts on that?

Shoma Uno: I’m not that skilled, so I thought I could only cover it with passion. In the midst of going towards this show with tremendous passion, the people around me were also preparing for the success of the show with the same level of passion. That sense of unity was the moment when I enjoyed this show the most.

Normally, figure skating is an individual sport, and many athletes prioritize competition. However, in the case of creating an ice show, it usually becomes more about individual high-level skills rather than a team competition.

But this time, incorporating elements of figure skating while creating it as an art form and entertainment was very appealing, and I realized that I enjoy this kind of thing.


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