“When bullying happens, at first you think that the coach is probably talking nasty things to motivate you for further results.” Argue between Elizaveta Nugumanova and Tatiana Tarasova

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Elizaveta Nugumanova and Tatiana Tarasova argue on media about Nugunova’s statements about abuse from her former coach Evgeni Rukavitsin.

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So first Match TV posted a short interview with Elizaveta Nugumanova about the reasons of change a coach and decision to train in the group of ice dance coach Elena Sokolova.

Elizaveta Nugumanova: The reason was clear back in May. I do not want to procrastinate this topic. I said clearly that there was bullying, it was impossible to work, people didn’t let me train normally, go on the ice – this is the main reason why I left.

Why was Sokolova chosen as the new coach?

Elizaveta Nugumanova: We worked together for a very long time, we have known each other for a long time. Therefore, I asked for the opportunity to skate in her group, she replied that we can work.

Do you have any understanding of the upcoming competitions?

Elizaveta Nugumanova: Not yet.

Have you discussed programs with the new coach?

Elizaveta Nugumanova: We start working with Elena Nikolaevna from Monday. Then we will start talking about programs and elements.

source: matchtv.ru

After this small interview was published journalists apparently called their favorite experts to comment and asked again the conflict between Nugumanova and her previous coach Evgeni Rukavitsin (coach of Dmitri Aliev, Makar Ignatov and Anastasia Gubanova). And Tatiana Tarasova commented)

Tatiana Tarasova: I know Rukavitsin well and will never believe it. In this regard, I have a question: why did she hide all this for so long? She came to training, but at the same time she was prevented from developing? It’s some kind of nonsense?

source: tass.ru

Then Elizaveta Nugumanova addressed a letter to Tatiana Tarasova

Elizaveta Nugumanova: Tatiana Anatolievna, when bullying happens, at first you don’t understand that they want to remove you, but you think: the coach is probably talking nasty things in order to motivate you for further results. And you need time to understand, to figure out. I always thought very well of Evgeni Vladimirovich, I trusted and believed him and was convincing myself that the coach was doing this for the sake of results.

But, as you know, the sport of the highest achievements cannot consist only of a “stick” and deprivation of the training process. I did my best to find contact with the coach. Every time I tried to talk to him, but he “pushed” me away. I was powerless and when I finally realized that it was useless, of course, I told many people. The threats were the last straw: I will remove you from the sport, I will find compromising evidence on you, I have connections.

This attitude began after the training camp, when the programs were choreographed and the new season started. Not everyone understands why I did not leave right away. To the words that I wrote above, I will add: in figure skating we still have a transfer window, and since I am a disciplined athlete, I could not quit everything and leave. You need to act within the rules, try to improve relations, which I tried to do.

Tatiana Anatolievna, you spoke well of Evgeni Vladimirovich. This is your personal opinion and your relationship. It’s good that you didn’t have such problems, and it would be strange if he could do something bad to you. Although, I think you also met different people in your life.

I told my story and I want there to be justice, honesty, decency, so that there is no such lawlessness as happened with me! Believe me, I have not told everything. First of all, I wanted to create a precedent that would show: an athlete has the right to speak out, he has the same civil rights as a coach. He can also defend his rights and his honor, and not just nod and obey, as some believe.

Or should those who defend themselves against such an attitude and lawlessness just have to be told that it is normal to humiliate, expel, insult in sports? It seems to me that if we try to respect each other and decide everything in a civilized way, it will be better for everyone. This is how I see my mission now and I thank everyone who supports me!

source: matchtv.ru

Of course Tarasova commented in response

Tatiana Tarasova: Weird. I always comment her skating well, I like the way she skates, very nice. But there are other girls who skate many times better, so she is in the place where she is.

I should call Rukavitsin and find out something. When an athletes begin to speak and daefend thie rights, they must answer for themselves. After all the coach puts you on the ice, is responsible for you, and the main negative falls on the coach.

Here you can see the line that someone told her because I haven’t spoken to her. I spoke only with journalists and said that I respect Rukavitsin and would never believe that he spoke like that. It happens with a coach: he yells, screams – it’s okay. But when such showdowns begin, I do not quite understand.

It’s like some kind of TV show. I don’t want to get involved in gossip. She knows my phone very well or the federation can give it. What kind of letters are these? Under documentation. I don’t understand this at all. A young girl. And make me gossip. No, I’m not ready for this and I’m not doing it. Let her call me, I don’t bite on the phone.

source: matchtv.ru


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4 Responses to ““When bullying happens, at first you think that the coach is probably talking nasty things to motivate you for further results.” Argue between Elizaveta Nugumanova and Tatiana Tarasova”

  1. Robbin says:

    She claimed she was bullied by the coach. By the way the other coaches are speaking about her I believe it.

  2. Anu says:

    There should be no place for bullying or harassment. We have a campaign Don’t break the game
    https://alarikourheilua.fi/en/ :)

  3. Anu says:

    There should be no place for bullying or harassment. We have a campaign
    https://alarikourheilua.fi/en/ :)

  4. No war says:

    Bad of the federation not to try to investigate, try to understand the girl. It looks like she has been hurt.

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