What’s going on with Bazarova and Deputat?

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Vera Bazarova and Andrei Deputat withdrew from GP Skate Canada because of Andrei’s medical reasons. Immediately appeared rumours that pair splitted up.

Then some sourses, refering to Oleg Vasiliev, published an announcment that Bazarova – Deputat splitted up. Vera ended cooperation with her partner and coach and Andrei will try out with a new girl.

Fortunately it were only rumours. Oleg Vasiliev and Vera Bazarova made a rebuttal.

Information that pair splitted up don’t correspond to reality. Andrei got injured at yesterday’s training. Due to the fact that we’re in Chicago, close to leadership of our Federation, we went and consulted what to do next. While we’re talking only about withdrawal from Grand-prix. – said Oleg Vasiliev.

According to Vasiliev, pair likely won’t be able to compete at official tournaments before Russian National Championships.

And Vera’s comment:

I heared this nonsense, I’m shocked a little, this information completely doesn’t correspond to reality. Yesterday Andrei got an injury at training session, we withdrew from Grand-prix. In Moscow  I’ll continue trainings and we will discuss further plans about competitions.


But something strange is going on with this pair. Rumours about their possible split up circulate since summer. At the test skates they looked not prepared…..and now withdrawal from grand-prix. Rumour also has it that they have problems with funding and training facilities. In short, they don’t have where to train in Moscow. Oleg Vasiliev doesn’t want to leave Moscow, because he has family there, but there is a lack of free ice…….And as a background for his situation – Oleg Vasiliev suggests Julia Lipnitskaya switching to pairs.


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