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Last season Takahito Mura’s costumes were one of the best. He has never been a fan of too creative designs. So, what happened this season to Mura’s costume for the free program? How his designer even get the idea for such costume? And what is more interesting is how Takahito agreed to wear this “masterpiece”?

epa04994125 Takahito Mura of Japan competes in the men's free skating program at the 2015 ISU Progressive Skate America Grand Prix at the UMW Panther Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 24 October 2015.  EPA/TANNEN  MAURY

Japanese skaters usually prefer complicated designs, ain’t afraid of sequins, ruffles and laces. But this is too much) Honestly, it’s a costume disaster. Has he tried it before the competition? Did he looked in the mirror? I think no, because I really don’t understand how he agreed to wear it.

Usually I put bad and ridiculous costumes into the rubric “Take it off immediately” but this one totally deserve the rubric “Burn it immediately”.

Last year Takahito’s costumes were really great. They got into my list of best male costumes of the season 2014-2015.

Seems that Japanese skaters have some issues with costumes this season. Shoma Uno also made a strange choice of costume.

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