Chock and Bates “What was that?” or “Take it off immediately”

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Congratulations to all the fans of figure skating! The season 2015-2016 starts now! I know that some b-events have been already and juniors grand-prix have started even in August but for me the beginning of the season associated with the Nebelhorn Trophy.

The competition in Germany haven’t even started but Madison Chock has managed to knock out me already) With her dress for the short dance.

madison chock

Ouch, who told Madison that she is good designer? Some her dress really scares me)) This one is obviously expensive, just look at that heavy necklace, but still looks weird and mish mashed. The skirt and shawl at least fit the gypsy style. But the top? The transparent part reminds me this strange trend in wedding fashion (with transparent corsets) that was popular some years ago. The bra and heavy necklace is definitely something from the Scheherazade.

Meanwhile I really like Evan Bates costume. It looks themed but modern and stylish. Great work. I also liked Madison’s hair and earrings, she looks beautiful. I hope she will think of something else for her image for the short dance, but I like the color pallet, so, I hope she’ll keep it.

By the way, Anastasia Cannuscio and Colin Mcmanus who also on photo have nice costumes)

See who also didn’t pleased me with the costume for this season. Anna Pogorilaya also struggled with the dress.

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