Wenjing Sui: “Most of famous choreographers are foreigners. I want to become a Chinese choreographer and see how far I can get.”

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Olympic champion Wenjing Sui, who competes in pair skating with Cong Han, spoke about her future in the sport.

original source: CGNT dd. June 8th 2022, translation to Russian: sports.ru

Wenjing Sui: Now the Olympic Games are over, but life goes on. We must challenge ourselves. When I got the medal, I was thinking about what I can do next, what else I want to do, what are my plans for figure skating in the future.

About thoughts that they could lose the Olympics

Wenjing Sui: Of course I thought, all year I was thinking about that and it so scared me but I wanted to enjoy that time, keep going, try my best every day. I remember that time, the moment the music began. I told myself I can do it, try my best. I wanted to try my best and enjoy the Games. I was also confident, I can do it.

In my life I’ve came through many difficulties and I think nothing can stop me from my life dream.

About plans for the future

Wenjing Sui: I have not decided yet whether I will participate in the 2026 Olympics in Milan. But I have thought something about it, how to compete, how to make me better, but I have to talk with my partner. Right mow I just want to have some rest, to recover quickly and to have some relax time.

About plans for after retirement

Wenjing Sui: I’m no longer just a little girl working hard only for her dream. I also have responsibilities now. I want to be a real role model for young people in China. I want to try something new, challenging myself.

I can be a coach, but figure skating is my passion. I think after the end of my career I will try to become a choreographer. I love music and figure skating and want to do something new. Most of famous choreographers are foreigners. I want to become a Chinese choreographer and see how far I can get.

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Sui also spoke about her partner Cong Han

Wenjing Sui: Last year he also had a surgery on his hip. Everyday he felt very tired and had too much pressure in his mind. So I tried to make every day funny and make him feel happy. And always push him. I guess sometimes I put too much pressure on him. I always asked him to work more. Sometimes he also pushed me and protected when I got pain. And I want to say thank you to my partner, team, motherland. The power from home crowd was so strong.

Interviewer also asked Sui whether Cong Han is only her partner or maybe there are some romantic relationships between them. She replied: “Oh no, right now no. I want to keep my mind because I’m a hard work person, I’d like to use my time to learn something mew. But in a future who knows.”


Just go and watch the video on the original source, to see what a charming personality Sui is!


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