“We were told that a result of the world top 8 is needed. But it’s very difficult!” Nikolaj Majorov about Swedish Olympic Committee did not want to let him go to the Olympics.

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Swedish figure skater Nikolaj Majorov, in an interview with SE, spoke about how the Olympic Committee did not want to let him go to the Olympics.

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source: sport-express.ru

Nikolaj Majorov: We called, and we were told that a result of the top 8 skaters in the world is needed. But it’s very difficult! I think they have such rules that they want to get the best result in all sports. But some sports are not comparable to hockey, skiing or speed skating. We have a sport that you can never define. When you are judged by scores, you can never tell for sure. In speed skating, you need to show time to win, so run for it. And in figure skating there are scores, but it is very difficult to catch up with them when you are judged plus or minus for jumping, for skating, for music – for everything. It is always very difficult to say where you can go.

Is everyone here covid negative? It doesn’t bother me. I never think about such things, these are unnecessary nerves. Everyone can get sick, sooner or later everyone will get sick. Whatever happens, happens. It’s always better to slow down than if we all get sick at once. I had no symptoms, and some people are in the hospital with oxygen.

I don’t know if my Russian origin plays a role in Sweden. They got used to the fact that we are Swedes. Dad is well known in Russia, he was a great coach there, very good, and in Sweden too. You come to the rink, you will be recognized immediately. How to say… When we are in Sweden we are Swedes, when in Russia we are Russians.

In the short program in the men’s singles at the Beijing Olympics, Majorov scored 78.54 points.


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