“We created two new programs with movements in the ‘out of comfort zone’ style.” Adam Solya about new program for Loena Hendrickx

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Choreographer Adam Solya about Loena Hendrickx’s programs for the next season.

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source: MatchTV dd. 28 April 2023 by Marina Tchernysheva-Melnik

Adam Solya: As usual, we had a lot of genres, ideas, and music concepts for the new programs from the start. We always look at the feedback from ISU officials that they give at the end of the season. So our music selection is ultimately purposeful. The last word, of course, belongs to Loena, as she’s the one who performs the programs.

Our main goal this season is to move away from traditional figure skating programs and choreography. And we reflected this concept in our music selection. We created two new programs with movements in the ‘out of comfort zone’ style. That is, we put the emphasis on Loena’s skating strength, the mature language of her body, femininity, and new facets in expression.

He also clarified that after the World Championships, Loena Hendrickx performed in the “Art on Ice” show in Japan for several weeks. The team has only just started skating new programs.

Adam Solya: We’ll keep the musical compositions a secret for now. As soon as the complete picture emerges, I’ll be happy to share the music with you!


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