Wakaba Higuchi: “I’ve decided to compete starting from this season. I want to compete in the Japanese Nationals and aim for the World Championships.”

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Wakaba Higuchi about her plans to resume her competitive career this season.

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source: nikkansports.com dd. 1st June 2023

Wakaba Higuchi (22), who finished 5th in the women’s event at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, will make a comeback next season with the goal of competing at the World Championships.

On the June 1st, she served as a lecturer for the Japan Football Association’s (JFA) “Dream Classroom” project, and shared the importance of having dreams based on her own experiences at the Elementary School in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture.

During the “Game Time” session for 5th graders, she surprised the students by showing a double jump on the spot. After participating in a program that allowed them to experience the importance of teamwork and discussions, the session moved on to the “Talk Time” in the classroom.

As “Teacher Wakaba,” she used chalk to draw on the blackboard, depicting her journey from starting skating at the age of 3 to realizing her dreams. She spoke passionately, starting from the disappointment of not being able to compete at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, followed by winning a silver medal at the 2018 World Championships, and ultimately earning a spot to represent Japan at the Beijing Olympics. She emphasized the importance of never giving up, among other things.

“I felt that it would be great if there were more opportunities for students to think about things that would lead to their future or dreams,” she said. She herself had participated in this “Dream Classroom” when she was in fifth grade. The lecturer at the time was soccer player Jun Ideguchi. “I have memories of an amazing athlete teaching the class,” she recalled. She was delighted to now be able to participate from a speaking position.

Now, if you look at the chart on the blackboard, she is on the path towards her dreams. After finishing the Lombardia Trophy (Italy) in September last year, she made the decision to take a break for the current season. Following the team bronze medal she won in Beijing, she suffered a stress fracture on the outside of her right shin and has been working on her recovery. She resumed full-scale training in April this year and also performed in an ice show in May. “I’m regaining my jumps. I haven’t been able to do the axel yet, but but I’m getting back to that level,” she said, referring to reclaiming her triple jumps.

She also mentioned, “I’ve decided to compete starting from this season.” She expressed her determination, saying, “I want to compete in the Japanese Nationals and aim for the World Championships. I think I can recover my form to that extent.” She plans to make her comeback in a summer competition. “I’m not really focused on the results. I’m only thinking about how far I want to go and what I want to do, and that’s what I’m practicing for now.”


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