“Victory of Anastasiia Gubanova proves once again that the Russian coaching technique works.” Evgeni Rukavitsin about the victory of his athlete, Georgian figure at the European Championships

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Coach Evgeni Rukavitsin spoke about the victory of his athlete, Georgian figure skater Anastasiia Gubanova, at the European Championships in Espoo, Finland.

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Evgeni Rukavitsin: It’s great when people just cheer for the athletes. I congratulate Georgia on the victory of its athlete at the European Championships, I want to thank the Georgian Figure Skating Federation, which created a very warm atmosphere in the team, and personally the president of the federation, Maka Giorgobiani, who treats each athlete of the Georgian national team with great attention and does a great job to develop figure skating in Georgia.

Nastya was born in Russia, Russian people know this and perceive her as their own – and they also rooted for her, which is very nice.

Nastya’s victory proves once again that the Russian coaching technique works. I would also like to thank the Russian Figure Skating Federation that a few years ago our application for a transfer was considered positively, and Nastya got a chance to realize herself. And she took advantage of this opportunity.

Sport should unite, this is the key role of sport. A huge number of fans, people of different nationalities, are sending me congratulations now, and this is cool. Of course, I am very happy, for me this victory is exciting, responsible and very important same as for the athlete.

The fact that I could not be in Finland made the task very difficult, and I want to thank my colleagues, my guys who work in the team, namely Valentin Molotov, who was next to Nastya.

There were moments, there were difficulties when it was necessary to show a very wise coaching idea, to find and say the psychologically correct words. Of course, I was in touch, and perhaps someday I will tell about what happened there. But now I’ll note that Valentin led the athlete to the start in the free program very correctly.


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