Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov: “Classical compositions almost always win. It used to be super popular, now we’re trying to make it more modern.”

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Interview with Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov.

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source: dd. 11th March 2022

How do you choose music for your programs?

Nikita: It takes a lot of time. We always do it carefully to so every viewer liked it. Because figure skating is becoming more and more popular, people from young to elder generation start watching it. And, of course, it makes the task easier for us that every year we are given an idea, a style for our short program.

Victoria: And most importantly, that we like the music, because we have to skate to it for a whole year, we have to listen to it every day. We must enjoy it.

Can you can turn on your favorite song and say ‘We want to skate to it.’?

Nikita: There such a thing on the ice: there is a different effect. The coolest radio hit may not catch the audience on the ice, of course, without an artist, who performs it. Still it’s sport, and when you do elements, the program, almost always some classical compositions win. It used to be super popular, now, of course, we are trying to make it more modern.

Can artists write a song specifically for your performance?

Victoria: Yes, there is such a thing. We have one pair skater who plays the piano himself – and one of the athletes took his song.

Can you add sounds from TikTok, for example?

Nikita: The only rule about music in a free program – the rhythm must change. In principle, it is possible, yes.

Do you have a performance that you remember with special warmth?

Victoria: I think now it is, of course, the performance at the Olympic Games. This will forever remain in our hearts.

And a performance that you want to forget about?

Nikita: Usually these are performances at the beginning of the season, because all the main competitions are closer to the end, when you are already in great shape, your program is polished. When we just start the season, there are more than one or two such performances.

Whose words of support affect you the most?

Victoria: For me, the first thing is Nikita’s words. The second is, of course, parents and, of course, our coaches.

Nikita: I absolutely agree.

Do you communicate with your rivals?

Nikita: Yes! We are very close friends, we are always in touch.

As a child, did you decide yourself to start doing figure skating?

Victoria: Parents brought me to the rink to make me stronger and healthier because I was often sick. And I liked it there, they asked me: do you want to stay? I’m like, yes, of course! I really liked it.

Nikita: My mother was engaged in figure skating and brought me to the same school where she trained herself, to the same coach. I didn’t have much of a choice. To be honest, in childhood I did not like it. But, as they say, I have a talent. So I had to fall in love with it once.

Do you have to limit yourself a lot?

Victoria: Yes, because after all it is a sport. You need to follow the regime so that it is easier for you to endure the load and in general to feel good. Of course, nutrition must be correct.

Nikita: You limit how much time you can spend on your day off, because you have a regimen and you have to go to bed on time. You limit your vacation because you have a specific schedule when you have to start work. And even sometimes some of the athletes – we really don’t do this – want to leave for a few days on New Year’s Eve … I once asked our coach, and he answered: just don’t fly far, because it’s acclimatization and it will be hard when you come back. Limitations are present in everything, because the goals are very large and it’s difficult to achieve them. We give our lives to win such competitions as the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships.

If a movie were made about you, which actor would you see playing you?

Victoria: Margot Robbie.

Nikita: Who am I then?

Tom Hardy?

Nikita: Cool! Tom Hardy.

Victoria: I agree!


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