Veleriy Angelopol: “Thank you very much to everyone who turned away from me; the ballast has been dropped, and it’s much easier now. As for me, I continue to skate.”

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Figure skater Valeriy Angelopol has announced that he will continue his athletic career.

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Earlier, it was reported that his ice dance partnership with Vasilisa Kaganovskaia had ended. The skaters had been training under the guidance of Anjelika Krylova.

Kaganovskaia revealed that the reason for the breakup was a contract proposed by Angelopol, according to which she was supposed to make a full provision for her partner.

“My new coach strongly recommended not to make any comments. I will continue to skate; I really want to skate and will continue to do so, regardless of anyone’s opinion.

Thank you very much to everyone who supports me; people have started coming back to me, people I didn’t expect to see in my circle again. Thank you very much to everyone who turned away from me; the ballast has been dropped, and it’s much easier now. As for me, I continue. I won’t make any comments; I will prove it with my actions.

It is important to understand another point: if I am silent, it doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. Let people think as they want and as they have been influenced. Another point is that they are hostages of the situation and do not know the truth.

But I believe I am obliged to say the following words, at least here, since I was not allowed to do so in person.

I want to thank the entire Krylova team for all the years of work. I gained good, valuable, and unforgettable experience. We overcame a lot, and we achieved much together.

Thank you very much to Vasilisa for the path we walked together; it was challenging, long, and bright. I wish her all the best in reaching her goals and being happy.

Thank you very much to Anjelka Krylova; she has done a lot for us, and I am very pleased that Vasilisa will continue her journey under her guidance. Special thanks to dear Maxim Evgenievich (Staviski); I cannot imagine my five years without this person.

I want to give special thanks to the guys in this group; it is the most friendly and cohesive team I have skated with. I wish each pair to shine and achieve the highest places. That’s all from me; thank you,” said Angelopol.


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17 Responses to “Veleriy Angelopol: “Thank you very much to everyone who turned away from me; the ballast has been dropped, and it’s much easier now. As for me, I continue to skate.””

  1. Judith Thomas says:

    I’m not a big fan of couple ice skating until I accidentally saw you. You are a fabulous ice skater and please please don’t stop. I’m not concerned about your love life,just enjoy watching you skate. Good luck to you in future endeavors.

  2. Linda Perryman says:

    I have watched all of your performances the two of you were great together. Please continue to skate and know you are great by yourself. I hope going forward that you have great success. A true fan.

  3. Bessie Tupaz says:

    I’m not fan nor have time to watch ice skating but accidentally saw your videos on FB. You caught my attention and mesmerized me with your dancing prowess. You are amazing and i kept viewing all videos that pops in the fb. You’re good looking, talented and dances with grace. Sending support from the Philippines.

  4. Marilu says:

    Hola Valeriy, tienes todo mi apoyo. Coincido con todos los comentarios anteriores. Eres un excelente patinador, guapo, carismático y joven. Así que tienes todo lo necesario para triunfar en tu vida. Una vez que la tempestad ha pasado, viene la calma, por lo tanto espera cosa muy buenas. Cuando sus caminos se vuelvan a cruzar, sonríe y sigue siempre adelante!

  5. Ma del Rocío Villagomez Arias says:

    Te encontré en face y te admiré desde el primer momento, una lástima lo qué pasó, pero tu adelante con la cabeza en alto, eres un hermoso patinador, y llegarás muy lejos con tu deporte lleno de arte, te seguiré por siempre, un abrazo desde Leon Guanajuato México.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Don’t let the negative comments stay in your head. You have more support than you know. Stay with it, be strong and remember, the best way to silence your detractors is to succeed. You have the drive and capability.

  7. Judy says:

    I wish you only the best. Stay with your skating, it is amazing to watch you.
    I understand how you felt about skating with someone you love, it must have been hard for you. Skate with your heads held high. You are a beautiful skater and a beautiful young man. Always your fan.

  8. Margaret Bradbury says:

    You are both so young with plenty of future ahead of you. Many young romances part ways and I’m sorry for you that it’s been played out so publicly with so many choosing sides in a relationship they know so little of. I wish you both love, happiness, and success in whatever path you should choose and with whatever partners you skate with.

  9. Lisa Sumsion says:

    Valeriy, It is smart of you to not say much about the situation. Speaking too much never helps the situation improve. You are right that your actions will speak louder than your words. Always remain kind and speak well of everyone because you don’t want to ever burn any bridges. Sometimes people who work together make mistakes in dealing with each other and sometimes those mistakes are caused by others getting involved. Always be willing to forgive others mistakes and keep good relations with people and you will be successful both off and on the ice. You have publicly acted very mature in this situation which shows a great deal about your character. I will continue to follow your career in skating and look forward to watching your success.

  10. Louise Keil says:

    I came across you on Facebook and am mesmerized by your skating abilities. I will always continue to be a fan. Sending positive powers from Texas❤️❤️

  11. Silvia says:

    Dear Valery
    All the best whatever way you will chose.
    Keep positive and I think we will see still much more and greater of you.
    But still, keep one dore open to Vasilia. I am sure, she does as well.
    Whishing you all the best.

  12. Marcy says:

    Like many here I came across the both of you skating and loved the chemistry and the way you cared for one another. It’s sad that things for you both turned out the way it did, however, I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon on the ice competing. Always remember that things do happen for a reason, keep your head held high and all the best on your new endeavours.

  13. Michelle says:

    Like some of the others I came across your skating by accident. No team has ever held my attention like yours did. No one since Goordeva and Grinkov has captured my attention they way you have. I wish you further success and I have no doubt I will witness an Olympic medal in the future. I will be watching. All the best!!

  14. Daniel McColgan says:

    I have no doubt you sir will come back to the ice stronger and.better than before. You were born to be a great ice skater. Can’t wait to see your amazing talents again. Keep going forward young man.

  15. Laura Allison says:

    I adore your strength, sesaroty and strength. You both are truly gifted. Thankyou from Pennsylvania

  16. Joy Corson says:

    Good for you Veleriy, keep your head high and continue to be the beautiful skater you are.

  17. Cathy Aust says:

    Valeriy…you have my full support…i cant wait to see you skate again. I came upon you by accident and became a fan immediately. I had never followed skating before but you,your skill, your charisma, your talent mesmerized me. I started watching other skaters and they bored me. But you,i cant get enough of. I will follow you throughout your career. You will accomplish great things i hope this page continues to follow you.

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