“Valieva is not small – talent is never small.” Tatiana Tarasova on Kamila Valieva’s performance at the Russian Cup

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Tatiana Tarasova commented on Kamila Valieva’s performance at the fifth stage of the Russian Cup.

photo by sport24.ru

About the short program

Tatiana Tarasova: Today is a very pleasant day for her and her coaches, this is the beginning of a completely new era. She did almost the most difficult program, and I congratulate her. We enjoyed her short program, which is close to perfection.

Today she tried the triple axel for the first time at competitions, and did it with her arms above her head. She made a mistake on it, but still she did it.

source: tass.ru

About the free program

Tatiana Tarasova: The program looks better now, this is not the first time I see it. The program is difficult in steps, not to mention the jumps. Kamila just “hangs” in the air on her quad toe loops, her jumps are phenomenal. She fell on a triple lutz, but this is not serious. Although an impermissible luxury for girls who have overcome the bar og jumping three and a half and quadruple jumps. But she really thought about doing the lutz and misplaced her foot. But it happens.

This is an experience that did not allow the coaches to taste all the charm of her performance today. But I think that the coaches should be satisfied. Colossal speed combined with such mind-blowing quads and all the other triples in different combinations, crazy spins that no one else has. There are such talented girls who get to such a talented coaches once in a lifetime, and this always leads to an amazing result.

I want to see them, more and more … Their development, their programs, their execution, this charming smile and, at the same moment, suddenly this extraordinary power, speed! She has no flaws. Or only few of them. Valieva will be hard to fight. She has everything to do with components – beauty, cuteness, and incredible elements.

There is still a lot to work to do in this program, but I loved it from the very beginning. And I can see how it has become better. I would like her to improve a little more in different transitions till the Russian Nationals. Valieva is not small – talent is never small. You either have it or not. We will wait for her.

source: rsport.ria.ru


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2 Responses to ““Valieva is not small – talent is never small.” Tatiana Tarasova on Kamila Valieva’s performance at the Russian Cup”

  1. Renate says:

    Xes. The programm becomes better and the dress much much better. Now it is beautiful. The short p. is very nice choereographed. The free better…but at the beginning…the movements behind with the arms behind the back should be softer…not so angular..and sometimes in the programm too. Then it comes to perfection. I hope for her very much, that she can maintain her body measures and shape until the Olympics. She has all…beauty and sport ans scating skills.she needs next year an outside choreograph..why not shae lynn? The best for the best.

  2. jimmbboe says:

    Love the dress! Good luck to her at Nationals!

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