“Valieva is a diamond, phenomenon in figure skating. She’s much better than WADA and all the rest put together.” Russian coaches and specialists about situation with Kamila Valieva

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While the CAS field session is going on, Russian coaches and specialists about situation with Kamila Valieva.

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“Kamila we’re with you” billboards in Russia

Alexander Zhulin: I wish Valieva well and good luck. I don’t believe this story at all. Th story is far-fetched. Therefore, I really hope that everything will be as it should be. That everything will be fine.

She is a diamond that cannot be crossed out. Valieva is a phenomenon in figure skating. She is much better than WADA and all the rest put together.

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Ilia Averbukh: There is no doubt about Kamila’s innocence. Valieva is a young but very strong girl. She can handle it. She will make us happy more than once. Her every performance is almost perfection.

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Tatiana Tarasova: I really want Kamila Valieva to be allowed to compete at the Olympic Games. This is my dream for today.

When you live life, you have to forget a lot on purpose. You need to go to the start and remember only one thing: you need to make these elements. And skate your beautiful program.

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Sergei Rozanov: Kamila, you must withstand! I have known you since the age of 7 – you fell and rose, we are all with you! I know for sure that doping is not about you!

Those who could resist you from the west are blown away.

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Alina Zagitova: I can’t even imagine how much it is … Because even we are on edge.

In general, they said that on the 11th they would tell us what and how. The whole day you wait, wait, wait, and then they say – we transfer. Well, it just can’t be so. For the athlete, first of all, there must be some respect, understanding.

I do not know what was there and what are the pitfalls, but this is some kind of story that is covered in darkness. Not really clear, lots of questions. Not to Kamila, but we understand to what and to whom.

source: Channel One

Evgeni Plushenko: Kamila Valieva is one of the best figure skaters in the history of figure skating! Her talent is unique. She inspires and delights millions of fans around the world. The girl who pushes figure skating forward and takes it to a whole new level!

An idol for thousands of girls and boys who are just starting their journey in sports! We believe that these Olympic Games will bring her only the joy of victories and the fulfillment of her dreams! Figure skating is not only a sport, but also an art. It needs to reach and touch the soul of everyone!

There is no doubt that Kamila reached out and touched all the fans of figure skating and experts of our planet! We want to continue to rejoice, admire and be inspired by her skating! I want to send Kamila and her coaching staff rays of support from our entire team and athletes.

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One response to ““Valieva is a diamond, phenomenon in figure skating. She’s much better than WADA and all the rest put together.” Russian coaches and specialists about situation with Kamila Valieva”

  1. Olga says:

    Why would we even be comparing a skater/little girl to WADA, an organization? It’s not comparable.

    All of this is clearly to make her a hero who is unfairly persecuted because they know this is part of a bigger picture of doping. She will be banned and they want this to be unfair to her narrative.

    Yes it is unfair what we have done to her. But the bad guys are not WADA or “foreigners”. You know just as well exactly how this happened. All of this is propaganda. Poor valieva in the middle of all this!

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