Valentina Chebotareva: We try to think less about Olympics and work more

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Turns out that second day in a row is dedicated to Mikhail Kolyada. Hope you don’t mind.

Today, an interview with his coach Valentina Chebotareva. About Misha’s new programs, work with Lambiel, plans for the beginning of the season and her another student Stanislava Konstantinova.

Misha’s new programs are still a secret?

– So far, yes. But very soon we will be in Novogorsk, and there will be no secrets. Misha goes with us to junior test skates. Although, in fact there is no special secret. There is a mix of different songs in the free program, and the short one … It’s even hard for me to say what it will be like. It has two parts: the first one is lyrical and the second one is tango.

Is Misha keeping his style or you did some changes?

– Something, of course, has changed. It seems to me that in the season-2017/18 he will have a new artistic image.

In June, Misha went to Switzerland to work with Stephan Lambiel …

– Lambiel did all the step sequences in all Misha’s programs. They did a good job. He went to Stephane together with choreographer Olga Klyushnichenko. Spent there about six days, did a lot of work.

How did the idea of cooperation with Lambiel come about?

– Misha has been to major competitions for the second year, he sees people, communicates with them. Lambiel is a very benevolent person, his beautiful skating is also close to Misha. He is artistic, interesting in skating. Misha also looked at Stepan’s work with Denis Vasiljevs, he also liked it. We had a choice, and we chose Lambiel. Have tried and we liked it! I think Misha will continue to cooperate with him.

Have you already decided on the schedule of competitions before the Grand Prix?

– The first time Misha will skate his programs with a full set of elements in Sochi. Then we planned two “B-competitions”, and after that we have the Grand Prix in Moscow. We wanted to perform in Bratislava and Helsinki, but now we’ll see. The schedule is very tight. One “B-competitions” we will have for sure. We are planning to go to Bratislava.

Last season, as far as I remember, the schedule was not so busy.

– Yes, the first competitive months of the season were not so busy. We were a little late. Last year, we began to approach only to the Russian Nationals. But, you know, we need to be ready for the first Grand Prix in Moscow. Moscow motivates us. We chose this Grand-prix, because we love to perform in Moscow, this season it’s early.

Do you feel that the Olympic season is not like all others?

– Of course we do. But we try to think less about it and work more.

How the things are going with the quad jumps?

– This year we did a short program with two quads, and free program with three quads. While we don’t skate programs with full set of quads, but in the training process we jump. For example, today Misha had quad lutzes. Toe loop he already jumps freely. Frankly speaking, for now from salchow we fall. But he is jumping and trying everything.

In Novogorsk you will show Misha’s new programs to the leadership of the skating federation?

– Yes, I think, in the training process they will look at his programs and give their recommendations.

Are you sure that there is no risk that you will have to change the program, as it was last summer with a short program?

– I can tell you quite clearly that we will not change programs. We like our programs, Misha likes them – he skates them with pleasure. There will be no changes of programs. We can listen to recommendations, implement them, but from our point of view, the programs are good.

Did you manage to rest in summer and gain strength?

– Yes. At the end of April we went to a sanatorium to undergo treatment. Misha often had a backache this year, so we went there with Misha and Stanislava Konstantinova. All have undergone treatment, rehabilitation. It was our rest – pleasant and useful. Now everyone’s health is fine.

How the things are going for Stanislava?

– Also ok! She has two new programs, she is preparing for test skates in Novogorsk. Now Sergey Chemodanov has arrived, he is working with us on the step sequences, looks at the programs. Her last season can be assessed as successful. I would like, of course, not to stop there. Next season, Stasya will compete in juniors, but she will participate in senior competitions, like last year – at the Cup of Russia. We will try to be selected for the National Championships and to perform there successfully.

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4 Responses to “Valentina Chebotareva: We try to think less about Olympics and work more”

  1. Tac says:

    Wait, so stanislava got the “to be determined” Rostelecom cup slot?? But she’s also going to be on the junior Grand Prix circuit?

    • FS Gossips says:

      TBA place at Rostelecom cup still hasn’t been announced.
      Maybe they’re keeping it for Sotnikova, if she’ll be ready. Or will give it to Sakhanovich.

  2. jimmbboe says:

    Can’t wait for the season to begin!

    • FS Gossips says:

      I’m a bit disappointed that Lambiel did only step sequences. I really hoped for good programs for Misha.
      Lyrical beginning and tango…..Tuktamysheva’s SP came to my mind…and honestly I’m not excited to see Misha in such program.

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