Valentina Chebotareva about her skaters Konstantinova and Kolyada

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Interview with Valentina Chebotareva about her skaters Stanislava Konstantinova and Mikhail Kolyada – preparation for the season and new programs.

V C.:  Stanislav’s preparation went as usual, Misha’s wsas a bit different. This year he was in the army and got a diploma on physucal education. On June 13n we started trainig in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and then went to Latvia for three weeks.

Our choreographer Olga Klyshnichenko did programs for guys. For Stanislava we changed only one program – she has a short program “Black Swan” by Tchaikovsky and we kept last season’s free program to “Cirque du Soleil”. For Misha we did two new programs. By the way, Misha also has music from “Cirque du Soleil” for his free program.

July 16, we  returned to St. Petersburg, we continue to prepare in our Academy. Stanislava trains pretty well, but she hasn’t reached her maximum. She’s growing up, but it doesn’t affect training process. She jumps well, does everything. I hope that by the first competitions everything will be fine, and she will get the shape that she had last year, when she performed consistently. Meantime, the uncertainty is present, but it’s still early in the season.

Talking about elements, Stanislava had all the triple jumps and two combination 3-3 already last season. She jumps it all and it’s nothing to add more. It’s necessary to make it more consistent.

Misha got a second quad – salchow. He jumps it separately yet, we’re still working on combination. August 16 experts are coming to St.Petersburg to see Misha’s programs before test skates. We’ll  listen carefully, take into consideration and will continue to work.



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